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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 100

  Title:  Beta (Part I)

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  • CamperCarl00

    How come it says that there’s no new episode on friday?

    • Alyx Spacer

      I assume it’s because Bismuth counted as two episodes.

      • CamperCarl00

        They advertised it as a new episode every weeknight. Lets hope their “30 minute special” which aired in full today doesn’t actually have an effect on tomorrow’s release. I mean, it’s not like we all waited during the longest hiatus of the series for season 3 or anything.

    • Knooopers

      Because, in USA on monday we will get Beta part 1 and Earthlings Part 2.

      However, in Canada, beta part 1 is airing today (or at least I’ve heard so) so who knows what will happen

      • cancer

        If it does we’d better get some leaks

        • Knooopers

          Actually I checked it on canadian CN schedule, it will be on today (or tomorrow for me)

      • Jeamus

        the internet is just racist i mean “certain episodes” IM TALKING ABOUT THE BISMUTH EPISODE was leak on youtube very early, and some episodes tht came early ARE FROM FRANCE but when the only country released this early is from canada NO FUCKING LINKS are we getting just french and american publishers where the hell are the canadians

  • cancer god


  • Nathaniel Mullery

    is that professor utonium doing the voice for the advert?

  • Don’tTrustThisJerk

    Hey check out the beta episode’s summary “Amethyst acts strangely when she and Steven visit friends in the country”

    I wonder what will happen…(Still really excited to get a few Amethyst centered episodes though)

    • Frederik Nachtigall

      Im waiting for a song from Lapis : even Peridot had one with Steven…

      • Ice Man IV

        ^ this

  • Anna Ovel

    so does anyone know a website where theyll be streaming it from Canada? (pretty sure its today in canada)

    • Knooopers

      Was looking for over half an hour, but it’s hard to find even an US stream, not talking about CA

      • Anna Ovel

        oh well, sure one will turn up

  • Dathouse

    Cmon! us canadians are special we get it first! but i dont watch TV…

    • Jeamus

      the internet is racist

      • Tami Terry

        Everything is racist.

        • Loki311


          • Piper

            wow, youre fucking annoying.

          • Alyx Spacer

            That’s kinda the point.

          • Piper

            to waste everyones valuable two-three seconds using an unoriginal type of ‘comedy’ that weve all seen so many times we collectively want to bash our skulls through the nearest hard object? well then i guess congratulations are in order because they certainly did it

  • Justsomeguy.

    The promo lied

    • Ezra

      Rebecca sugar didnt though

      • Justsomeguy.

        Yes, Suger did not lie. But it’s just that cartoon network counts the digital shorts as an episode

  • Andrea

    Has anyone found a Canada stream yet? 😮

  • Anna Ovel
  • Jeamus

    wow the internet is fucking racist canada gets an early release but anyone from there who couldnt get cartoon network or missed the episode cant see it online? AND IM FROM CANADA

    • Justin IsMyName

      i know the feels

    • Andrea

      I’m sure videos will pop up over the weekend. At least someone tried to record it for us unfortunate Muricans.

  • Dathouse

    Dude i cant watch it im gonna go deaf and blind from the shaky camera and shitty audio…

  • Andrea

    I went in thinking that was like a camera recording a screen but its not bad.

  • I am mildly terrified

  • Lapidot confirmed?

  • Sean Boyle

    That was…an unexpected ending…

  • zombycow

    yo, what was up with that ending? it’s like they forgot to finish the episode.

    “Jasper” *WAPISH* ending credits.

    I imagine that this is a 2 part, but they could have ended on them hiding behind a rock, watching jasper.
    something better than cutting off midway.

    that ending was so abrupt a got WHIPLASH *BA DUM TSS*

    • Nohara Shinosuke

      it is 2 parts
      3 actually

      • CobaltGamr

        omg, does this mean weekly episodes from august 18th?

        • Knooopers

          It’s beginning of season 4

      • Big Buff Cheeto Puff

        tHANK YEW
        (if this is real lmao)

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    God Damnit Lapis xD

  • Joseph Were

    Those corrupted gems are Jasper’s brother (Or sisters). It makes sense why she collects them on this place, right?

    • Knooopers

      She’s building an army.
      But you might be right in some way

  • Big Buff Cheeto Puff

    i feel like the ending was rushed, but maybe there is gonna be a part 2? Just a little speculation ;^-^

    • Dathouse

      AHEM there is a part 2 AHEM

  • MemoryFell


  • Soapy

    quality went down a lot…

    • hellaheckwhat

      its recorded from a phone until its actually recorded right from tv

  • Chris Ford-Davidson

    Cliffhanger game strong

  • CheekinSammich

    Why is America so lame?

  • neon5162


  • SenseiSan

    jasper came out posing

  • Blizz Jaster

    Upvote if you would watch a spinoff about Peridot and Lapis.

  • Jeffrey Tate

    Why is it not loading? all the videos suddenly have an x and a message saying it can’t be loaded.

    Was there a crackdown?

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