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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 101

  Title:  Earthlings (Part II)

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  • Waifuai

    damn. this episode messed me up.

    • Sir Exploit

      but… the timer is on 3 days

      • Paulius Mac

        Spoiler alert!!!! Smoky quartz is amethyst and peradot !!!! Srr if names are rong PERADOT ( green gem)

        • Nicole Katic

          *Peridot ^^

        • Jake The Dog

          Spoiler Alert! That image was fake, well actually, it was fanart

          • Paulius Mac

            Yep srr ?

    • Imed Benali

      whaaah ????!!!! which episode
      And btw smoky quartz is coming everybody

  • Imed Benali

    it would be sooo f**ked up if smoky quartz was the fusion of amathyst and jasper i mean i can see it happening they both need that power jasper seduceing amathyst like a 80 years old man in a playground and amathyst just falling for it

    • Nerdicus

      From looking at it I think smokey quarts will be the gem steven got when he beat jasper it seemed the right colour at least.

      • Imed Benali

        do you mean that steven and jasper will fuse ?

        • Dash The Guy

          ..Smoky Quartz is Steven and Amethyst.

          • Big Buff Cheeto Puff

            what if smokey quartz is amethyst and jasper?

          • Nicole Katic

            it won’t be, jasper wants power, she wouldn’t fuse with someone she sees as weak

      • Imed Benali

        actually they won’t would you like me to tell you what will happen i saw some leaks

        • ( )


          • Imed Benali

            amathyst and steven will fuse to form smoky quartz and jasper and the blue monster will fuse and jasper will lose controle and she asks help from peridot but perdot says no but in a sasy way as i saw like hell no girl deal with YOUR issues

        • Nerdicus

          Please don’t

    • Nicole Katic

      it’d be interesting to see, but i seriously doubt jasper would fuse with
      amethyst. remember, jasper sees amethyst as weak, a runt, inferior. she
      wanted to break amethyst’s gem. she only would want to fuse with
      someone who would bring her more power, like how she was begging lapis
      to fuse with her again… if anything, it could be steven fusing with jasper possibly, but i have a strong feeling it will be steven and amethyst….

      • Imed Benali

        I leak your thoughts and agree with you completly

      • Imed Benali

        I mean i like ^.^

  • Knooopers

    Remember this episode will be released together with “Beta” on monday

    • Law

      Im not really understand this.. The “beta” episode is when ametist , peridot , and steven are went at the place where jasper is made.. Isn’t it ? Cuz’ i saw that episode

      • Knooopers

        yeah, that’s it

  • Big Buff Cheeto Puff

    wHAT IF SMOKEY QUARTS IS AMETHYST AND JASPER IM GONNA DIE (i havent seen the episode yet, so im most likley wrong)

    • ahmed alomar


    • Nicole Katic

      it’d be interesting to see, but i seriously doubt jasper would fuse with amethyst. remember, jasper sees amethyst as weak, a runt, inferior. she wanted to break amethyst’s gem. she only would want to fuse with someone who would bring her more power, like how she was begging lapis to fuse with her again.

  • ahmed alomar


    • Joseph Were

      Do you have link? This one is not updated.

      • Joe Monger

        Pls link needed

    • cancer god

      plz send link

    • ahmed alomar

      and to whoever asks for links,i don’t have any, because i’m PRETTY sure that it came out

    • Suros

      Looks like the vid got nuked already.

      • Hunter Muir

        where do you live? If you live in the UK then yeah it was banned… but if you set your profiles location to Canada or the USA then you can watch it.

        • Suros

          I live in the USA.

  • Val’Kyre

    I believe that smokey quarts is a fusion of Steven and amethyst and that Jasper will try fuse with the monster/s or/and maybe ask her old mission mate Peridot to fuse as well. I also think Jasper may go on another power rant again. Either way I cant wait to see Earthlings (I’ve watched beta on youtube) 20 HOURS TO GO !!

    • Miguela Shine

      I think, (judging by the leaked pic) that it’s a peridot and amethyst fuse. The triangle gem on the head and the one on the chest. Just a guess though. Could be wrong.

      • Miguela Shine

        Yeah now that you point it out it does look fake, besides my original guess, Imy hoping it was steven and amethyst

  • MrSmuggles

    Damn u guys makes no sense at all for those who are saying Amethyst fuse with Jasper and become Smoky Quartz -_- where’s that logic even came from…. It’s obviously Steven fuse with Amethyst and become Smoky Quartz. First of, Steven gem have the name “Quartz” on it and why defeck would Steven fuse with Jasper lol!…

    • NightmareKnight

      Amethyst and Jasper are both already considered quartz gems. Rose and Steven just happen to have “Quartz” in their names.

      • Jake The Dog

        maybe steven is a quartz as well lol

        • NightmareKnight

          Yes, Steven “Quartz” Universe and Rose Quartz are both Quartz gems, I could have phrased that a little better. What I meant is that, it being “Smoky Quartz” doesn’t necessarily mean Steven has to fuse with anyone, as the original commenter had suggested, as Amethyst and Jasper are also both Quartz gems. Also, it wouldn’t even matter as I doubt that “Ruby + Sapphire = Garnet” is based on legitimate geological fact, I’m quite certain that fusion more or less “assigns” you a new gem name with no real basis.

    • Nicole Katic

      to show jasper what a true “fusion” is like, not one out of hatred or anger. it’d be interesting to see, but yea… for people who say jasper will fuse with amethyst, jasper sees amethyst as weak, and inferior, she wouldn’t want amethyst, but she does have her eyes set on beating steven, she would want to fuse with steven just for his power, like jasper did to lapis lazuli

    • lilleditte02

      peridot and amethysts colors combine into a dark green grayish color, i don’t know how much this counts for. amethyst is also basically just a purple quartz gem, tings that could disprove this is tings like peridot mentioning that she did not have any powers but we know how that went

    • Eclipse Coldfire

      An Amethyst is a Quartz. That is really all I have to say

    • cancer

      can you even speak english, you’re right but I can barely even fucking understand what you say

  • Apple

    H Y P E

  • john

    where did everybody see that smoky quartz is happening wtf is going on

    • Frederik Nachtigall

      There was this one Yter guy just watch it on YouTube. But yea i rly hope Steven starts to fuse with the Crystal Gems. maybe with Opal *_* or with Garnet.

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    I’m just blocking everyone that commenting the episodes. This is ridiculous. Just wait for the episode, seriously.

    • cancer

      just dont scroll down dumbass like come on

      • Eclipse Coldfire

        Alright, I’ll just stop communicating with the community then. Yea, Fuck off. People actually do other things in chat then that and if they did, it would just make the chat redundant. Everyone that is doing this is just ruining the website and encouraging people to other sources because they’re whinny little inpatient bitches like you.

  • Ram Re:zero

    how are you commenting the episode
    if the episode isn’t even out

    • Ree

      It’s out “somewhere” and it might’ve been out here. I don’t know where tho =/

      • Ram Re:zero

        blah i’m waiting for this
        i don’t wanna watch beta i wanna watch earthlings

        • Ree

          it’s on youtube. just search.

  • Imed Benali

    demmit the internet is killing me

  • Mollie 3883

    thank you for posting this xx

  • venuse8102

    why does she have 3 arms? i mean should she have 4

  • Imed Benali

    hey guys when will the kindergarten kid episode be aired

  • Don’tTrustThisJerk

    Because she’s a fusion that is suppose to resemble flaws in both Steven and Amethyst, thus why she only has 3 arms and not 4.

  • onehellofahatter

    one more show before i watch this show!!!

  • Pedro Tipaz

    Possibly because steven is a half gem and only his gem could manifest one arm being as full gems can manifest two

  • CheekinSammich

    this episode is already up on youtube in a 3 part video

    • ahmed alomar

      bubble ‘o steven.

  • Daniel Crystal

    Who else thinks that Smoky Quarts has a somewhat weird design?

    • ahmed alomar

      i don’t, they look just perfect for their weapon.

      • Daniel Crystal

        True, the yoyo is a perfect fit for her….. It’s just, maybe I got my hopes way to high for a different design. Not sure what I was thinking of but maybe it was that.

        • Rem Twilight

          Im wondering what the Rose version was like. The Steven version was exactly what you would expect.

    • zombycow

      i thought so at first, then i saw the way SQ moved. The look REALLY grew on me.

    • Blizz Jaster

      Wut, you don’t like fatties?

    • Inder Buttar

      For what it resembles, its very fitting, as Humans and Gems aren’t mean’t to fuse, but with Steven its possible. Normal gem fusions result in a majestic transformation. Also keep in mind both Steven and Amethyst are the oddities. I find Smokey Quartz to be the perfect balance of their characteristics, traits, style, and love, from the 3rd arm to weapon they use

  • Sean Boyle

    Legit, the corruption part gave me the most unearthly chills…

  • Otto Arvidsson

    I guess … Theory confirmed? That Pink Diamond was “Rose” Quartz Diamond … Perhaps that Rose even Was Pink Diamonds “pearl”.

    • ahmed alomar

      wtf, rose quartz’s are soldiers, not pearls, she looks fancy because she CHOSE to look fancy, all the other rose’s probably look like amethyst and jasper.

      • Otto Arvidsson

        Ok, let me explain what i mean by this link I saw a couple of days ago before this episode, PS: take it easy, im not saying Rose was supposedly Pink Diamonds positioned Pearl, its all just a theory.
        A theory, who all so far, has been right

        • Luke Hardy

          The Pink Diamond being Rose is a stupid theory based on the lore of the series. A gem, is a gem for that purpose. Quartz’s are made to be soldiers, Diamonds are the superior gem that dominate all. Rose Quartz is in the name, that she a quartz. Not a Diamond. She doesn’t even have a diamond gem. The theory is also fucking stupid and just Ex Machina.

          • Otto Arvidsson

            Dude, the theory was about the fact that perhaps Pink Diamond had Rose Quartz (a soldier) as her personal protector and assistant, instead of having just a regular pearl gem.
            That Pink Diamond (who seems to have been the main head of the “colinazation of earth” operation) had Rose (PINK), who btw looks most like a human of all the gems, (except for a certain version or Versions of Garnet) had Rose as her personal gem instead.
            This would fit very well btw, if it also later turns out that Stevens “Pearl” (White) were actually White Diamonds personal pearl.

            But anywho, i agree that the theory (which this video doesnt claim to be true, but the opposite) that Rose were actually Pink Diamond is kinda farfetchd:
            I wouldnt be an ass and call it stupid theory, but instead very unlikely.

        • ahmed alomar

          Nope, rose quartz= soldier, if the diamonds made her a “pearl”, they would break their OWN rules, think about it, airhead.

  • ahmed alomar

    liek, plz fix the episodes, you put out episodes that aren’t even LEAKED!

  • Luke Hardy

    Ok, I was gunna say how I am getting really pissed off at how Garnets future vision only seems to work when the plot requires it, But for this episode I am going to assume that she has been dealing with the rubies and therefor, could not see what was going to happen with Steven.

    • Rem Twilight

      Indeed, Garnet has to actually LOOK for things. She saw the rubies and decided to go that way, or perhaps she saw that no matter what happened they would be fine, or at least it was very probable they could handle it. Priorities.

      • I think it’s part of a limitation with being Garnet. Sapphire seemed to just…see things. Like, she wouldn’t even really try, she’d just see it (though occasionally, different things would happen anyway cause Ruby likes to punch fate in the face). With Ruby there with her, it makes her have to focus, because that’s something Ruby has to do to stay on task, not to mention that Sapphire can be sort of single-minded, single-sighted (if that makes sense). Ruby doesn’t always focus enough, and Sapphire focuses too much on one thing. While Sapphire was alone, she focused solely on doing what Blue Diamond wanted, and that worked for her, but being a Crystal Gem means seeing things from many different views.
        All that being said, Ruby and Sapphire are DEFINITELY much stronger when together ;D

        • Rem Twilight

          Uh, no. Sapphires future vision is in no way superior, she just see’s the future in a single path while garnet can see all of the possibilities and must make her choices. Perhaps time has helped sapphire branch out and grow, but we have not been told this or given any clear hints to it. We have however been almost straight out told that Ruby lets Garnet see more than sapphire. Gems are or were far more predictable than what she deals with nowadays. Making the most likely outcome that sapphire always saw almost a certainty. It wasn’t until an extremely unlikely and rare occurrence with ruby that she ever failed. The idea that she was right for that long is ridiculous when its shown that choices can change the outcome. Garnet is able to factor in choices and plot a course while understanding that everything is possible.

          Long story short, Garnet has better future vision than Sapphire alone. Whether Rubies attitude causes her to make rash decisions or bad calls occasionally is a different argument.

          • I kinda feel like you didn’t read my whole comment.
            I said that Sapphire seemed to just “see” things because the life she once lived was very linear, and even without the linear lifestyle, if she thinks about something, she’ll see something about it (i.e. her very random assertion that Steven wouldn’t like square pizza), but that changed when Ruby metaphorically punched fate in the face.
            I said that the future vision is “limited” but really, Garnet just has to ask the right questions. Given, that’s all Sapphire had to do as well, but Garnet seems to know better questions to ask. She just doesn’t always ask them.
            Besides, I said that Sapphire has some character flaws (the part about being very linear), so nah, I wasn’t blaming Ruby for being the brash gem she is. I attribute part of her attitude to being why she doesn’t always “ask questions”, but that doesn’t make her weaker.
            Like I said, Garnet is much stronger when she’s together.
            But ey, maybe I wrote that in a confusing way beforehand. :/

          • Rem Twilight

            Yeah, i read it all and just didn’t quite get what you were saying. Rubies pention for action might make garnet less inclined, however i don’t actually see any reason to think she doesn’t ask questions, she constantly watches the future but its big and she needs to focus on what she thinks is important of relavant.

          • In the recent episode, Know Your Fusion, Garnet literally couldn’t ask a question cause she would probably immediately see what was going on. That actually really gives us a view on the kinds of things future vision can do, and it also means that Garnet probably has to ask the question, verbally or mentally. I can kind of imagine Garnet there chanting to herself in her head “don’t ask what they mean, don’t think about what they mean, don’t ask what they mean” lol.
            Ah, that does mean that she probably doesn’t constantly watch what’s going on (because I’d assume she thought what Steven and Amethyst was going to tell her was relevant). Otherwise, she would’ve already known about Smoky Quartz (unless she was lying, but her surprised expression seemed pretty real to me).
            I think sometimes she doesn’t ask the question because she doesn’t think on it (not to say that that’s a bad thing–some things do call for action first, so it’s less of a limitation and more of an adaptation…eh, it depends on the situation). In the “Know Your Fusion” case, she didn’t ask the question because she wanted them to tell her.

          • Rem Twilight

            Agreed, know your fusion really cleared things up. Her line “i can’t” made it pretty clear how things work. It also means that some things she can’t even think of a question for elude her entirely. Im guessing the cluster experiments fit into this kind of category.

          • This is both on topic and off topic, but I found a really cool page full of highlights from an interview with the Crewniverse!
            The first point is on topic, and later on they go into more detail about it. I wish I’d read this before I tried making my point :P.
            The whole thing’s a good read! I wish I could go to Comic Cons, but it’s too expensive for me right now, haha.
            I’m also really interested in that song they mention! But who knows how long it’ll take before we can hear it…

  • Tubs

    What happened to Pink Diamond?!? I guess we’re really about to see the darker facets of the Crystal Gem movement’s wake.

    • PandaKat

      “darker FACETS” Was that a gem pun? xD

      • Tubs

        hehehe yeeeess~

  • Zeneda Flores

    Man, this episode was jam packed full of new stuff.

  • Blizz Jaster

    Did anybody else guess back in Gem Hunt that Jasper would try to fuse with a monster and contract the corruption from it? It seemed kind of obv. Too bad the Jaspermonster didn’t get more screen time.

    • PandaKat

      Corruption isn’t a disease. It’s like how Garnet put it, “tearing the fabric of your mind.” Jasper became corrupted because she lost hope that she would avenge Pink Diamond. She became corrupted because, no matter how hard she tried or how perfect she was, she failed. She no longer had no one to serve, nor had “family” (the other Quartz in her kindergarten).

      • I like the way you put it!! I’ve kinda equated gem cracks as physical ailments while corruption is a sort of mental ailment, if you will. She was completely devastated that she couldn’t win no matter what, not to mention the part where she said that no one who fused with her ever wanted to stay. Those kinds of things shattered everything she’s worked for since coming from the ground. Her gem wasn’t damaged, but her mind and will were.

        • DerpyGamer256

          It’s like going insane in a way, if you lose everything that is you and what you are then you just, break down and become a monster, same goes for gems, but since their bodies are representations of their mentality they change physically too.

      • Blizz Jaster

        It didn’t read that way to me. If depression was enough to trigger corruption, then Amethyst and Pearl would the most corrupted gems of all time.

        Centipeetle’s last memory before corruption was of a bright light and a song-like sound in the sky. Sounds to me like some sort of magic sensation that affects a gem subconsciously and drives them permanently mad (like the phone calls in Snowcrash). Mixing your mind with a corrupted gem in a fusion is like staring directly into the abyss – the crazy will get into your noggin too.

    • ThatGoose

      I must say, I did predict that with Jasper’s newfound fusion addiction, and her new pet rock collection, she may resort to fusing with a corrupted gem to become more powerful. However I never suspected she would become corrupted though.

      • Blizz Jaster

        Lol @ pet rock collection. Fusing with a corrupted gem has got to be like sharing needles with an old, homeless junkie.

    • Blizz Jaster

      My next guess is that Steven will plug Jasper into one of those interrogation mirrors. That’d be a safe way to ask about Pink Diamond and without all the risks of being headbutted or bitten.

  • Inder Buttar

    What if Rose absorbed Pink Diamond?

    • ? I don’t get it. Care to elaborate?

      • Inder Buttar

        Rose obviously isn’t an ordinary quartz soldier, and the Diamonds could each possess a special power, so its possible Rose did a variation of fusion, except Rose absorbed the the powers of Pink Diamond, like how Jasper absorbed corruption. That could explain Rose’s weird powers (ex. Healing tears)

        • Ah, I see. Thing is, I don’t think Jasper absorbed the corruption. Corruption is considered a mental ailment, which cannot be absorbed or anything by anyone. She seemed distraught with what she deemed were her failures (ie Pink Diamond’s assumed distruction, her inability to fuse long-term with anyone, her inability to beat a group of “failures” and “weaklings”), which led to her corruption.
          So, with the idea in mind that Jasper didn’t absorb corruption, I don’t really agree with this idea. Still, it’s interesting.

  • Aster Seirios

    I couldn’t help cracking up when I saw the Rubies bubbled up…like what are those frickin CLOWNS doing back!? LMAO!

    • JaySamaKun

      looking for Jasper i think.

  • Breadles

    Well, I got a new favorite fusion.

    • Same! Smoky Quartz is so great~ 😀
      And I love their weapon! So creative

  • Gangsta_Superman

    Bro Steven and Amathyst fusion is ugly as shit. lol I was expecting something cool looking like Opal.

  • Gamini Cyril

    poor jasper… she should not fuse with monsters and get over hatred. hope steven will do his best and cure all monster into normal gems. i know with centipeeta had show was white, yellow and blue diamond did that for no good. wait and see what new espisodes after 7 new espisodes.

  • Fiji Temple

    It feels like the strong warrior type of Jasper was not only because she was created as the perfect quartz warrior by Peridot’s analysis of her hole but because she felt like she did her leader wrong by not being able to protect Pink Diamond. In a way, Jasper and Bismuth may be considered similar on the terms they are willing to destroy the other side for what they want to accomplish but Bismuth is working for the Crystal Gems while Jasper is working for the Diamonds. I feel they may try to do a redemption for Jasper but with all her anger and realizing that Rose may had done something that can’t be forgiven by Homeworld, there is no way that Jasper will be willing to even cooperate with the Crystal Gems, let alone even become one.

  • Ronald S. Dominguez

    Pink Diamond is a true character, Rose Quartz is an army of pink diamond. But they started a rebellion and one of Rose’s army shattered Pink Diamond. I watched it in back to the moon in youtube its up right now but hurry cause it will be deleted soon Watch it in Lady Universe’s channel

  • Rachel S.

    nobody I fuse with ever wants to stay

    ): Awww Jasper…

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    all hail peridot the space Dorito poofer of jasper!

  • Jeffrey Tate

    Am I the online getting the “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported” error?

  • Jeremiah Wheeler

    Meet the Precious chubby yo-yo master pun expert smokey quartz!

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