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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 86

  Title:  Mr. Greg

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  • SUMegaGamer

    holy shit this shit get me emotional


  • Snake_n_eggs

    Anyone know the name of this video?
    Or if it’s even on youtube or anything

  • owthewow

    Talk about a badass preview!

  • MemoryFell

    this preview is so cool omg

  • MemoryFell

    They sing like the whole time

  • ponpon2323

    the pain when you don’t like musicals

    • 島風

      First episode I’ve actually skipped.

  • Lazoris Gamaki

    When Steven said “And don’t forget Mom” I almost vomited that is probably the most disturbing thing I’ve heard from this show. Well at least in my opinion it was, it gave me chills. Otherwise great episode as always this one is definitely one of my favorite already.

    • android19

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand WEIRD

    • Christopher Smith

      I thing it being weird and a bit uncomfortable was sorta the point. this hole episode was pretty adult. Kinda why it was all set to music i think

    • Kitano Izumi

      I agree when he did that I just cringed and thought to myself “Christ, Steven! That is THE WORST thing you could do in front of those two specific people!”

  • I’m Fat and

    Steven is a talent musician!

  • Imomoril

    But… Why pearl forgiven Greg that easy? No, pls, Pearl loved Rose many (manyx10000) years, and *poof* – Rose fell in love in Greg. Hello! It’s not real, Pearl could not forgive Greg in two minutes of conversation (and, agh, it was Greg and Rose son plan .-.). It’s make me angry… Why, Rebecca Sugar, why you don’t think about this? ;__;

  • Sean Boyle

    There’s quite a lot of episodes of Pearl trying to get over Rose’s death, isn’t there? First she couldn’t get over Rose having secrets Pearl didn’t know about, then trains Connie to protect Steven just as she did with Rose, then she deceives everyone to try and fuse with Garnet just like when she fused with Rose and now she can’t get over Rose choosing Greg over her.

    Poor Pearl, she has some serious demons 🙁

    • William Beasley

      more like stop reusing the same plot line tht was only good the first time

      • Hol Horse

        she’s not gonna get over her insecurities about how she felt second best in one episode, you nut

      • Abelin

        You’re treating it as if its the exact plotline over and over and as if its not realistic. Pearl is a flawed character, especially when it comes to Rose and how she dealt with that loss. It’s going to take her a long time to completely get over that and further better herself as a gem. This episode was actually a huge step for her, as this is going to set in motion her getting over the fact that Rose fell in love with Greg and not her. She’s finally going to try to be friendlier with Greg. I don’t see how you wouldn’t think that’s a good thing.

      • JaySamaKun

        IMO Pearl is a victim of one sided love that’s why. It’s really hard to move on in that.

  • Kinf

    Help! Im drowning! Drowning in feels!

  • William Beasley

    Well this episode sucked

    • ponpon2323

      finally someone who thinks like me!

    • TheKilleuse75

      This episode is so cool D: Why you don’t like it?

    • hokage0kitt

      this episode was amazing

  • Bryan

    How much is the bill?

  • Snow Crashed

    Never got my parents permission to go on this feels trip.

    • Fearless Wolf (Gaming)

      XD same here LMAO

  • David Ennis

    Past experiences cough* Garnet

  • 島風

    Too much filler..

  • hokage0kitt

    I LOVED this episode so much. Made me cry. Especially when Steven says, “you both love me and I love both of you”. ahh

  • babe_ocalypse


  • E.T.993

    Great character development.

  • Tnecniw

    and suddenly… Pearl falls in love with Greg and Steven gets a sister.

    • Monotire

      All this episode, I was just saying they are going to fall in love with each other because their love for rose….if it didn’t happen this episode then some time soon.

  • Monotire

    I fucking can’t believe it took me so long to get the cherry man reference! Omg i feel so ashamed. 🙁

  • AnimeKinzoku31 2


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