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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 87

  Title:  Too Short to Ride

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  • Austin

    Le hype

  • John Atkins

    What is the source of the trailer they show here??? I need it,

    • MemoryFell

      somebody shared it on the previos vid

      • John Atkins

        Yeah, that’s not it… but I downloaded it directly from this page, so I don’t need to find it anymore.

    • MemoryFell
  • Zeneda Flores

    If only this site didn’t put pop-ups on EVERY LINK YOU TRY TO CLICK ON, it would be my favorite place to watch Steven Universe.

    • Pedro Tipaz

      adblock duh

    • Zeneda Flores

      Well, I had an adblocker app on my phone that was supposed to work, but it looks like it was a waste of time. Now I have a new one that actually does it’s job. Still, the number of sketchy pop-ups that got through with the old one is worrying.

      • Austin

        if you use android (unsure about IOS) you can get firefox and use adblock plus.
        that’s what i do.

  • Snipper Joey

    When’s episode 88 coming out?

    • Tomorrow.

      • Snipper Joey


  • Onion: doing random destructive things since ????

    • Kinf

      Oh don’t worry, that’s just a hobby of his

  • Rem Twilight

    Good episode

  • Quillkill

    shortie squad awww thats so adorable!

    • Jeamus

      2 stretchys and magneto

  • DatKidNextDoor


  • Jeamus

    when peridot discovers she has magnitism

  • MathewMayer

    Mr smiley says I’m glad you see the humor in it Steven i haven’t seen a bed in six days

    • shadowclaw191

      that part though… Mr Smiley needs help.

      • MathewMayer

        True true

  • muclutel

    ICP was right. magnets are mother fuckin’ meracles

  • Sean Boyle

    Peridot for Psychic type! 🙂

  • shadowclaw191


  • shadowclaw191

    So someone’s theory of Peridot being “defective” was right… That they ran out of resources so they just made weaker Peridots and gave them technological limbs so they can use them as weapons.
    So… almost confirmed that Peridot might not have a weapon?

    Also can i say… Amethyst isnt how normal amethysts are supposed to look like to right? So Amethyst and Peridot fusion = Short Fusion too? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    She’s learning how to speak like Amethyst day by day.

    Plus may i just say how disinterested she was when she said “I’m all set, thanks”

    • skyhighpay

      No.. remember when Connie and Steven fused? Both of them are pretty short, but they became big

  • Zeneda Flores

    I’ve got an Android, yeah, but I’ve since found a good ad-blocking browser. It’s such an improvement over the app I had before.

  • Aster Seirios

    Gahhh Peridot is so adorable, it’s like she has a Napolean complex because she thinks she’s so powerful but she’s so short and small! 😀

  • Chris

    Shit stream

  • Sam Ekong

    “Why did someone document this?” best quote ever…

  • Fearless Wolf (Gaming)

    Dang it i wanna be in the Shorty squad now >;3

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