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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 88

  Title:  The New Lars

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  • Rem Twilight

    Can’t wait.

  • BlackDiam0nd

    Agh I’m too hooked on this, tomorrow night needs to hurry up

  • Snipper Joey

    I hope the gem that was possessing the lighthouse comes back and finally kills Lars. LARS SUCKS.

  • Bigepic

    Snipper Joey
    WTF Lars is just a redart teen
    but yeah he deserved to die

    • Carrie C.


  • Rem Twilight

    1 hour to go -.-

  • SavageElizabeth

    18 minutes.

  • Olive

    Guys just refesh its been up for a while

  • pernus

  • Poor Lars.

  • Vastinee

    My poor heart.. It’s so sad that Sadie and Steven are the only ones who can love Lars for Lars.

    • Carrie C.


    • 島風

      He’s super whiny and rude, so I don’t see the problem.
      I mean it’s just a cartoon, but people shouldn’t have to spend tons of time with you to eventually be treated with decency.

      • Renee Lucero Ramirez

        True dat…I thought Lars might change with time, but honestly he is just an asshole.

  • Rem Twilight

    Oh god, just wtf steven. This was a terrifying episode. I mean forced possession of another person’s body? This is the first of his powers that just screams of nightmare fuel. Does this work on gems? Is it limited by space? So many questions.

    I thought it was just going to be a boring Lars and sadie ep, and we get this…Well done again SU. This was harder to watch than cat fingers.

    • WabBab

      dude woke up nakey in bed with a kissy face magazine. SU sly as ever

    • ahmed alomar

      it’s not scary, it’s good, because it’s steven!

    • Wired Whale

      Some people get way too into these shows…like those people who get personally offended because there’s something in a Spongebob episode that may not be overtly “sensitive” of some specific group of people’s viewpoints…

  • oh god steven why this was so hard to watch

    • The Occupant

      It made me squirm, all right. I’m glad there’s a pause button, or I just couldn’t!

      • Anonymous


        • The Occupant


  • ALittleMagic

    AN EXTENDED VERISON! ;dsnfosdknafds i love it

    • Carrie C.


  • Sean Boyle

    Just don’t make Lars hold the door xD

  • Marty Olii

    I thought ths was going tobe boring but its very funny ant interstin.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I tried to watch without pausing, but I… I just couldn’t.

  • Jeamus

    so everyone broke inside steven’s house without pearl, garnet, or amethyst not knowing? where the hell are they?

    • Carrie C.

      out saving the world, duh

  • Carrie C.

    I love how much like garnet Buck is and how weirded out Onion was and everything


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    • MemoryFell

      why is this chain mail in spanish?

  • Today’s episode is brought to you by *CRINGE*™

  • Josh Xyyx

    buck is no longer pleased XD XD all hail the mighty god

  • Fearless Wolf (Gaming)

    #Sadars BEST SHIP!!!

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