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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 89

  Title:  Beach City Drift

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  • MathewMayer

    I am first v

  • babe_ocalypse

    I watched this like 5 times i can’t stop crying this IS RUDE. I had a whole bottle of wine how DARE YOU PULL THE STRINGS OF MY HEART play me like a gottdamn madolin I am done iam DO NE THIS show has KILLT me I am DONNE RIP REST IN PEARLSES

    • Anonymous

      ohhhhmmm… Okay? You should consider calming down. Also consider spell check, or a dictionary, either one.

    • Carrie C.

      you watched he series preview five times and can’t stop crying?
      true sign that you love this show.

      • im pretty sure she means the trailer

        • Carrie C.

          yeah, that is also what i mean.
          love your username

    • Snipper Joey

      If there’s one thing there that I agree with is that you were drinking. Heavily.


      • Anonymous

        Yeah I know!!

    • Aster Seirios

      Guys, GUYS! I think…I think it’s trying to communicate with us!

  • Anonymous


  • Carrie C.


  • Magicstorm101

    Kevin is a jerk, but he’s still fiiiiine~ <3

    • Sir Komlin II

      Don’t romanticise the asshole, that’s what he wants.

      • Magicstorm101

        But that scarf though D:


          • Magicstorm101

            I can’t im too weak D:

          • Carrie C.


  • Sir Komlin II

    Poor Stevonnie, they didn’t deserve to have to deal with this bullshit.

    • CasualKitten

      but they did get to see a really great view together 🙂 that part was awesome!

  • Lazoris Gamaki

    SO i have a few questions about Stevonnie (That may be the wrong spelling). My first is that does Connie and Steven age while in that form or is their physical form based off their mental state (Similar to Stevens in too many birthdays)? If this is the case Connie can become immortal as long as they’re fused. My second question is that if their gem breaks what happens to Connie…. Actually what happens to Steven would he die or just be a regular human? SO many questions!

    • Sir Komlin II

      Yeah. One of the things that’s always bugged me was how we don’t really know how much Steven’s existence relies on his gem, let alone Stevonnie.

      • Orangezforus

        I almost want to think if his gem had cracked earlier in life, it would have simply led to some sense of loss, but now that he has become reliant on it that it could cause some real damage to his powers and state of being

  • Zeneda Flores

    Another episode touching on the topic of consent. I love it.

    • Danny Allen

      Shut the fuck up

      • rat baby

        why don’t you? the hell is your problem, dickweed.

      • Zeneda Flores

        Jeez, did someone skip their nap today or something? I didn’t do shit to you, m80.

      • natefloss

        lmaoo..take a chill pill !!

    • Monotire

      Yeah like we needed another. :/

  • Dash The Guy

    Stevonnie is chill

  • Axl_Forsberg

    Better than I expected

  • Franky

    This was way better than Sadie’s Song as far as filler goes.

  • these kids are way to wise for me like how?!?! I would of just crashed his car and jumped off the cliff and swim into the ocean stevonnie has patience for sure

  • Animation_Watcher_Man

    Maybe I only one here but a part of me felt a Initial D vibe in this episode. If that the case and is truth then well played by the people making this show.

    • Magicstorm101

      I believe it might be. I looked it up on the wikia and it mentions these are references to Initial D

    • Camo5

      As soon as i saw that prick with the yellow mazda, and that ’96 (can’t use the ’86 XD) i knew immediately this was based off initial D. But then i was like, how those kids gonna drive?

  • Sean Boyle

    Any episode with Stevonnie is an instant classic 🙂

  • I’m Fat and

    love it!

  • Boosterseat

    DEJA VU!

  • Altariah

    The music in here was so damn cool

  • Altariah

    Uuuugh Kevin is such an asshole, but I just love his soundtracks… He doesn’t deserve such great music.

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