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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 90

  Title:  Restaurant Wars

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  • HimeNoir

    i loved this episode, I love lars and sadie episodes !!!i want lars to become better without the help of sadie though, its not your “partners” job to make you a better person. but sadie is a queen and i love her, why do people think sadie and lars are boring ? 🙁

    • *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*

      but the point is that Sadie likes Lars just the way he is even as an absolute moody asshole. Lars personality issues will mostly calm down once he learns to be more ok with being himself, the entire episodes point was to showcase how paranoid Lars is with others perceptions of him and him not being liked by others. The last line brought this home when steven said there was only one person who missed the real you and it was Sadie.

      • shadowclaw191

        But still… people like Sadie more than Lars so they will want Sadie to be with a better person than Lars.

        I can see Lars treating her better that’s good but seriously his attitude towards her needs to change. Sadie needs better treatment. What does she even see in Lars… D:

      • HimeNoir

        Yes I am more referring to how he is an asshole to Sadie directly, Sadie doesnt like that. And I just thought that he should work on how he hurts other peoples feelings, not change his moody teenage rebel personality 😛

    • Noah La Negra

      screw lars, sadie could do so much better. personally, i hope she drops his ass and goes for Jamie instead

      • HimeNoir

        I think youre right, thats why i want lars to improve to be a better him, I feel so sorry for him!! I do like them as a couple though, I just feel like it is not Sadies or Stevens responsibility to form him, he has to do it himself.

  • MathewMayer

    First v


  • ahmed alomar


  • Polarbear

    Did Peridot make the hole into a mini lake because I lost track of effing thing

    • shadowclaw191

      it was shown in barn mates yes

  • Why are there even comments yet? This episode isn’t up yet. At least, not here.

  • Loki311


  • Zeneda Flores

    “Where she at though?” XD

    Seriously, I do hope that Ronaldo gets his real girlfriend back.

    • Zeruk

      Seriously, poor guy…

    • DakotaJ

      Right? His sadness hit me right in the feels. Love that doofy guy.

      • Zeneda Flores

        Just from the few seconds of interaction we saw, his girlfriend seems to be just as big a nerd as he is. They’re perfect for each other!

        • Noel

          she was also in lion straight to movies she was the movie ticket girl

          • Zeneda Flores

            Oh wow, you guys really do your research. That’s pretty cool.

    • shadowclaw191

      She was there in Beach City Drift.

      • Zeneda Flores

        Oh shoot, she was? I usually don’t pay too much attention to background characters if I haven’t seen them before, so I didn’t recognize her at all in this episode.

    • HimeNoir

      She works at the cinema, you can see her in the episode of where steven goes into his moms room. At least I think its her.

    • Blizz Jaster

      Ronaldo deserves only suffering. I love how he is the show’s C-lister punching bag now. When he gets hit with the can of avocado soda I fukkin spit out my drink laughing.

    • The Good Doc

      yo word shit i feel bad for him

  • WabBab

    no one cared about ronado at all wtf… you just ruined probly the only relationship he’ll ever have

    • AkiraToni

      “Jane my Ohime-sama”

      Oh god…That was painful

  • Indietides


  • Nkosi Carter-Fisher

    There’s already a line!

    *Onion stands outside with a fork*

    • DakotaJ

      I think he wanted to eat fryDad’s hair. By the way, I thought that was a hat!! O_O

      • Nkosi Carter-Fisher

        Me too!

    • Aster Seirios

      LMAO Onion just makes this show for me. I cracked up so hard when I saw him silently standing there with a fork.

  • Alyx Spacer

    Meanwhile Renaldo gets the shitty end of the stick and nobody cares.

    • Zeneda Flores

      I cared about poor Ronaldo. I hope they get back together.

  • shizukana

    This episode went Nisekoi really fast.

  • shizukana


  • shadowclaw191

    Aww Steven’s so smol!
    Also how do they cook so well. that makes no sense. NO SENSE.

    Ronaldo’s GF was in Beach City Drift i knew that she wasnt average character design!

  • shadowclaw191


    That could’ve been one of the best lines ever muttered by a human in this episode. Other than Jaime’s letter and all that of course… Then “Jane! My Ohime-Sama!” can also be one of the top.

  • shadowclaw191

    Amethyst isnt wearing a suit. Garnet’s just wearing a top. And Pearl’s wearing the entire waitress outfit, something tells me that she likes suits? 😀

    • MathewMayer

      Yes she does

  • TheCommentYouDeserved

    Pearl in more awesome outfits?! I could get used to this trend. Also, someone should really talk to Renaldo’s girlfriend about the whole thing.

  • Jeamus

    when did this show became food wars god i hate tht anime too many uneccesary orgasms

  • Jeamus

    funny how garnet doesnt say anything in this episode after not appearing in 4 consecutive episodes

    • Zeneda Flores

      She looked good though.

  • Sean Boyle

    Why didn’t Steven just ask his dad to threaten buying their companies to stop them fighting? He’s got the money to buy twenty small businesses and they would have agreed to it.

    • Thomas Walder

      They can simply not agree to sell. They’re family owned businesses not franchises or anything.

  • GamerJXA

    That was a good…

  • oon

    My Ohime sama!

  • Chris Jelaiskis

    Am i the only one who thinks this episode was inspired by Food Wars?

  • ahmed alomar


    • ahmed alomar

      ik it’s a game thing, but still, the video looks like a laggy game of ARK

  • ahmed alomar

    this episode is like an anime episode

  • Jacek Walczak

    And now I just can’t wait for next episode of Food Wars season 2

  • StarQuartz


  • JZ Ace

    When Steven gave that smirk when they tried their food, damn was that awesome

  • Lauren Lee

    “My ohime sama!!” Ronaldo you goofy little weeb! XD <3

  • Lauren Lee

    Did he just call Kiki Jenny? – 3:27

  • Lauren Lee

    I always thought Jenny was Kiki and vice versa, I was so wrong,

  • AlphaPrime

    I cant enough of that reaction to the ketchup inside the fries.

  • Kinf

    I bet the next episode is about Ronaldo.

  • うー

    ronaldo is a cringey weeaboo


  • Monotire

    Oh no! Ronaldo’s Ohime-sama! T_T

  • AnimeKinzoku31 2

    YEZ..the Hime-sama! Otaku time?!

  • AnimeKinzoku31 2

    was that a Shogugeki no Soma reference?

  • Noobthief

    You know that place is good when Onion shows up he don’t eat anything >.>

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