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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 91

  Title:  Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

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  • MathewMayer

    I am first again another v

    • Rylai Stark Luv

      Well not this time Eclipse Coldfire is first :3

      • MathewMayer

        No i did it first he just did not respond to me so it looks like he was first.

        • Eclipse Coldfire

          This is true.

          • MathewMayer

            Yay some one who understands

    • MemoryFell

      dude the last ep JUST came out why are you doing this?

      • Just flag his comments as inappropriate (this is done by clicking the arrow to the side of his comment and clicking the aforementioned option)

        • Kinf

          Don’t actually flag him. Or i’ll flag noone. That’s a threat made by using no logic.

      • MathewMayer

        Because I can why else. I am also doing this because I can

      • MathewMayer

        Yes I know this story I read alot.

    • DakotaJ

      Crap on a stick, dude. You must really be bored lol If it’s true, that little story blip you posted below is actually pretty interesting.

      • MathewMayer

        I am a very interesting person I play sports for a team the sports are football and lacrosse I have the highest G.P.A in my class and lets not forget i am a all out otaku I also martial arts.

        • TheCommentYouDeserved

          Considering all the time you spend responding to comments on an episode that isn’t even out yet your grades, sports teams, dojo, and fantasy harem must be feeling neglected.

          • MathewMayer

            I do not have a harem. i play for south Hadley. I did go to a dodo last year. I said I was a otaku. I was talking about last known grades and football practice starts next week

          • TheCommentYouDeserved

            I wasn’t doubting your claims, just making an observation that someone as busy as you claim to be shouldn’t neglect your life to post comments defending yourself from people just tired of others trying to be funny with ‘first’ comments.

          • MathewMayer

            I said I was a otaku practice is from 6 to 8 on Monday wedsday and Thursday and it is summer I have a lot of free time.

          • asdf


  • Eclipse Coldfire

    A Whole twenty four hours to wait :C

  • MathewMayer

    Only I can be first

  • Sam Ekong

    You just read a comment…

  • Alexander

    I hope this episode will be great as always.

  • The Apalian LXC

    Where is the commerial from? (the SU one) I’ve never seen it before.

  • Breadles

    Waiting waiting waiting~

  • Feargal McKeever

    Steven Universe next 🙂

  • Imed Benali

    I’m having great expictations on this episode I hope it worths the waiting BTW I’m watching scream queen while waiting but i really can’t wait until tommorow to watch monster reunion ughghgh

  • lilleditte02


  • Imed Benali

    first BITCHSSSSSS I don’t know why I’m that exited but i always wanted to be the first at something beside being the first at comeing out of my muma’s vigina

    • lilleditte02

      i came here before you 😉

      • Imed Benali

        Yeah whatever 2nd place isn’t that bad but wait a minute i just saw how many minutes you posted your it’s 12minutes the episode aired 2 mins ago your a cheater I meant that I’m the first perdon watching the episode here but now you ruined it with your riply so THNX

        • lilleditte02

          no the episode was out when i commented?

          • Imed Benali

            keep calm and have a life NO OFFENCE

          • lilleditte02

            1: i am calm 2: pretty sure i have a life, staying in school and shit.

          • Imed Benali

            I’ll be the bigger one here and quit this don’t ruin my mood for today’s episode sooo exited to see jasper again are u ?

          • lilleditte02

            how am i runing your mood? i simply astablished a fact

          • Imed Benali

            it’s okey it has been an enternity since YOU have been first just forget it bruh/sis

          • lilleditte02

            i’m trying to, it’s just a bit hard to when you keep commenting

          • Imed Benali

            LOL i didn’t find any other way to talk to you you can say that we’re like jasper and lapis for me We’re cool right

          • lilleditte02

            i guess

  • Imed Benali

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it Omg that was just amazing I didn’t know they’re twins tho
    can’t wait ot see tommorow episode I mean if i wait these new episode to air on cartoon network arabia they won’t air until my next life

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    Sour Cream’s Mixtape xD

  • Carrie C.

    “We have to track the problem to its SAUCE!”
    “I’m a dream warrior!”
    also steven pouring that orange juice is just so me

  • Jeamus

    at the beginning i thought steven is setting up dinner with connie

  • I wonder if Steven can enter someone’s mind while they’re awake. That would be interesting.

    • Sanmata

      He can. Remember Lapis?

  • Aster Seirios

    “We gotta track this back to the SOS”
    I’m done. I can die happy now.

    • asdf


  • Nguyễn Đức


  • E.T.993

    9:57 Neon Genesis Evangelion reference.

  • Deacon Van Dongen

    Lol nice! There’s an anime called “Kikis delivery service” XD

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