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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 93

  Title:  Alone at Sea

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  • Ben

    Did it again boi, you aint got shit on me

  • ahmed alomar

    second, lel, second is kewler than first

  • Eyyyyyyyy macarena.

  • Eviani

    I am anxiously waiting for this.

  • qQuantum

    Fifth? meh

    • MathewMayer

      Or are you

      • qQuantum

        or am i?

  • Alyx Spacer

    The entire comments section has become unfettered shit from the “numbered comments”, as to who could comment first, its entirely pointless and destroys relevant discussion.

  • dawidu156

    20 mins!

  • A.A. B.


  • A.A. B.


    We will get to see Lapis Meeting Greg and at Sea they will go on a rented yacht.


  • dawidu156

    00 Days
    00 Hours
    01 Minutes
    30 Seconds


  • dawidu156

    10 SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawidu156

    First in Poland!

  • Eeeeeey macarena

  • Breadles


    • Breadles

      Best episode this season, I must admit… I really think Jasper can change for the good, and she made a progress, but she still has a looong way to go… 🙁

      • Chris Pearson

        That wasn’t Jasper changing for the good, that was Jasper realizing fusion can be an incredible source of power, it was a junky finding out there is a form of super meth and she wants it.

    • Dan ben-david

      sorry bro.. i was first. i just dident comment

  • Notatree

    so long space cowboy (Jasper)

    • Doug McClain

      Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again…

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    that was intense but too short i need more

  • The audio for the video is a little slow…

  • Imed Benali

    this wasn’t enough I want mooooooooooore demmit I won’t stop thinking of jasper omg i just relised that this is it this is the beggining of jasper corruption thing omg this show is just making me opssesed i’ve never want a show like SU

  • Sean Boyle

    Okay, but seriously…Can someone do some real serious calculations and see how powerful Lapis’ punch is based on how far and how fast she punched Jasper? Her punch looked like something Saitama, Superman and Goku combined wouldn’t be equal to!

    • ssj4jw

      Compared to anime and comic book characters she has a long way to go but she’s getting there.

  • Hero of Space

    This is so perfect. Especially how this depicts exactly what a lot of unhealthy relationships are like. 10/10 Rebecca Sugar

  • qQuantum

    First in Peru!

  • Lazoris Gamaki

    I like at the end when steven says that the ocean is beautiful from above and lapis agrees because she was trapped under the ocean but never saw it from above

  • ponpon2323

    so jasper is sort of a douchebag?? she even said the “I changed” like bruh

  • Noah La Negra

    As far as anyone can tell, lapis is the unquestioned most powerful gem in the show

    • qQuantum

      nope, the temple fusion is more powerful

      • Noah La Negra

        i’m not talking about fusions you dunderhead.

  • Aster Seirios

    ZOMG this show keeps teasing me, 11 minutes is far too short to be satisfied from this awesome show

  • Victoria Elder

    I didn’t think I was going to ship Jasper and Lapis, but here I am shipping the fuck out of them.

  • Luke Hardy

    this episode was…. Bad. Most of the episode is just Lapis being mopey as usual, steven making her do shit and greg being there. Then a Wild Jasper appears and is all like “I like you now tho, i need you” and Lapis, who literally said 3 seconds before she appeared said she wanted to be malachite again… then when Jasper says “I know what you can do, and they called me a brute” and Steven is just like “Nah” like no, that’s bad. Lapis who has just been called a brute by Jasper, the biggest definition of brute on this show, is completely ignored. Why is she a brute, what is she capable of. We know she can take earth oceans so what does that say about the Diamonds. If Lapis has control over a planets liquid, what does this entail for the diamonds power. More importantly, how the hell did rose quartz and her rebellion win the war if Lapis is now one of the most powerful gems we have seen. This show, although I enjoy it is starting to get to me in terms of plot holes and how they keep avoiding these things. Like how a few episodes ago we learn that gems are becoming Rare and so Peridots are born without gem powers, except telekinises apparently. Why has she only NOW learnt this. Also, Peridot built this laser cannon drill… and yet she still hasn’t decked herself out in new gear. What is she going to do when an invasion happens?
    It’s as if the show is just throwing all of these badly written plot lines just so people can theorize them and make fan fictions and shit. I much preferred this show when the Jasper and Peridot event happened because now I feel like this show isn’t doing anything.

  • Katrin Cat

    I SHIP IT!

  • Boosterseat

    Thing that most consistently makes Lapis happy: fart-sounding noises.

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    I. Somehow. Missed this episode yesterday. I’m already ashamed of myself.

  • Ricardo Javier

    why didnt steven repair the boat ,_,

  • E.T.993

    Headcannon: Jasper came back from the Underground after doing the Genocide Route and realized how weak she was compared to all of the Monsters, so she asked Lapiz to fuse again. I’m an undertrash.

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