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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 95

  Title:  Gem Hunt

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  • MathewMayer


    • Otirik

      I honestly dont care whether or not you do this, but I gotta know what the mentality is of someone who goes out of there way to type “first” on a video as if it means something?

      • MathewMayer

        It doesn’t mean anything at all I just do it for the reactions

        • Otirik

          Oooooooooh ok I gotcha.

          Lol thats hilarious.

    • Kinf


      • MathewMayer

        WTF does that mean

        • Kinf

          how should I know? Im just being stupid, it’s not like i know what im doing

          • MathewMayer

            Ok …………

  • PrInCeOfRaGe

    • MathewMayer

      Good I don’t want your fucks

    • Gala

      Hello fellow Homestuck.

      • PrInCeOfRaGe

        Wazzup bro

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    This wait time is unbearable.

    • MathewMayer

      I know right

  • Aaron Tanner


  • Djcasso

    Imagine the fandom if they released 10 episodes in 1 day.

    • The Nerd From Down The Block

      God, that would be a mini series unto itself. Can you imagine the sudden burst of content blowing up fantheories before they are even made.

    • the anime maniac

      instead of a 2 or 3 day wait it would be about a week just to get the hype up but it would be worth it

    • ahmed alomar

      they could just realease 100-minute episodes instead :/

      • Djcasso

        I would Binge Watch that.
        I already watch a bunch of Episodes Non-stop of other Tv Shows.

  • Eeeeeeey macarena

  • Marco Francia

    Why is it 2 days?

    • lilleditte02

      jinx’s (LOL) passive

      • Marco Francia

        Really why is it 2 days

        • Aaron Tanner

          cause weekends and stuff

          • Marco Francia


  • Marco Francia

    The next episode is so long

  • Blizz Jaster

    Ugggh, whatever you do, DONT watch the promo for Crack the Whip.

    • tolerateme

      why not? spoilers?

      • Blizz Jaster

        Yeah, it basically tells you what happens in episode 95 😛

  • Imed Benali

    hey guys i just watched some leaks and promo and a fire torenado stricked my heart i really wonder when will jasper be correpted I mean is she really corrupted already , think about it guys garnet said that corrubtion is when the fabric of the mind is ruined and as we saw at alone at sea episode jasper seriously turned into a fusion slut all that she want is to fuse and that’s a lost of minf isn’t it so do you guys think that she’s already corrupted and she’s only a step away from turning into a montre and for those who say that that colorful monster with big white hair is jasper corrupted your wrong that’s just a monstre sorry for the spoilers

    • Darkcloud

      she inst turning into a monster she is only under stress becouse the fusion time with lapys gave her an addiction for being fuse with lapys. You can imagane it like a mix betwen a addiction and the feeling that you are not complet (psychologically) and wont that other half of you.

      • Imed Benali

        this is messed up seriously and just saying it’s lapis

  • john

    i have a quick question is there like an episode where we find out how steven was born did i miss anything??

    • Orangezforus

      not yet, but we have been given a basic summary, with how rose shapeshifted a womb and all that

      • john


        • Orangezforus

          I believe it was explained through the creator’s twitter in a Q&A

    • Blizz Jaster

      With magic. Obv.

  • MathewMayer

    Who would play this game

    • Kinf

      “9/10, needs more doritos” -thisisanign

    • A crazy fellow

      not me, loli bullshit fucking up everything a great shooter game is one with an mc who’s like “money, rank, status, friends, this damn world I don’t need all this shit all I need is a gun and a hell lot of bullets”

  • hehe

    “>alert(“kinda hard rn… shh”)

  • Princess of Sexyness

    This show first came out on my birthday i think a year or 2 ago, November 4

  • Imed Benali

    guys I’m super excited

    • Ranhcase

      so do i

  • lilleditte02

    Yesss, new episode 🙂

  • Ranhcase

    it’s here, the episode it’s here!

    • john

      but the lag is unbearable…

      • Ranhcase

        yeah, that’s an issue >_>

        • lilleditte02

          just force load it, like skip to different parts and load it like that, worked for me

  • Lordbaconzx

    Rip in lag

  • Ima S.U Newbie

    This new video player SUCKS

    • Kat Fish

      That or lag due to servers being flooded.
      Either way, the video quality sucks right now.

      • blixtozzy .

        I think its the player

        • Zenon Pyro

          The old player worked even when it was like an hour after posting so I agree

          • kuroko Shirai

            i think its server flooding it works great for me

    • Djcasso

      It forced me to Download the episode. (Took like 30mins to download)
      Then watch it using my own player.

  • john

    Omg why did it end so abruptly ??

  • Vic Smit

    Anyone know what to do about this I’ve reloaded the site like 8 times and this still happens

    • blixtozzy .

      I have NO clue.

    • Ranhcase

      try to force it to load, skip to further in the video, and wait for it to load.

    • Scarezz

      nobody knows what to do, the new video player is trash wait for them to realize its trash and change it back to the old one

  • muclutel

    no me gusta!

    • blixtozzy .


      • Eric Murphy

        He doesn’t like it.

  • Djcasso

    Curse this new Video Player.

  • CarrotGaming64

    This new player I swear, it usually doesn’t stay up this long, like what’s the deal. Hurry up and bring back the old player, nobody likes the new player.

    • Plastic


    • Scarezz


  • Mohammed Mazen

    any one tried using flash instead of HTML

    • Ricardo Javier


  • official_nerd

    ugh lag is too much bring back the old player

  • NodTrooper32

    Click the cloud icon at the top right to be taken to the file details page then directly download the file. Will only take about 20 minutes. Your welcome.

  • Sapphire Quill

    I found the best thing to do is just mute the video and let it play almost all the way through, then you go back and watch it. It’s like the player wont let the video load unless it’s actually playing.

  • Ciulean Mihnea

    can’t look at this new vid.. not from pc, and from mobile takes a hour to wait until he load..

  • Jeamus

    i cant stop laughing its like jasper posed for tht picture

  • Loki311

    Honestly, yeah. It’s the player. I don’t have internet issues, all other players work fine. I’m sitting here trying to drink my Pepsi whilst I enjoy a new episode of SU, but now I think It will be gone by the time I get past the intro. And that makes me sad.

  • Plastic

    well this site had a good run before it traded an obviously superior video player for a shitty sellout video player that takes hours to load

  • Zenon Pyro

    Please switch back to the old player. I hate this one and I’m sure everyone else does too by the looks of it.

  • Plastic

    FUCK THIS SHITTY PLAYER i just waited for 16 minutes for it to load and its fully loaded and it still lags!!

  • I waited for an hour for it to load, and it only loaded to about two minutes in. Well, this site had a good run. Guess it’s time to remove it from my bookmarks.

  • Scarezz

    this video player is trash
    website had a good run, fuck it now

  • myoukei

    this video player is terrible

  • Otirik

    Lol I was literally about to type a comment saying how I was having zero problems with the new player.

    Then it froze.

    I reloaded.

    Didn’t fix.

    Reloaded again.


    I hate this new player…

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    video is loading poorly today

  • 5NightsAtAngies

    oml this player is awful bring back the old player

  • Reaper

    This video player is really weird, it only loads when the video is playing, but isn’t fast enough for a constant watch.

  • Sir Exploit

    …. i wanna watch it already

  • Mystical Heart

    New player = shit as fuck. Switching to another site.

    • Xethaios

      Have any suggestions?

      • Mystical Heart

        There was a SU fan page on FB that uploaded links to the latest episodes, the link for this ep was a daily motion one. But it got deleted off of dailymotion. So no currently ;(

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    “don’t tell garnet” lolol

  • Sir Exploit

    Ech the buffer

  • Perseus The Great

    WTF I want the old player back

  • Sir Exploit


  • Zezerak

    Hell, I even tried to download the bugger of the steammoe site and it’s saying ti’s going take nearly an HOUR to download less than 500mb! Take me less time to download severla gb!

  • Dathouse

    Im gonna kill myself beacuse of this loading shit

  • Gbrish

    If you are having a lot of trouble with the player try right click -> save as and save it as a mp4. I confirmed you can do this in chrome.

  • Ian Espiritu

    Yeah i fucking caved and just downloaded it. This player is beyond awful

  • Gamini Cyril

    arrgg! i hate this new player! exchange to old player.

  • ymmij X

    it’s like trying to watch a video on a toaster

  • Vengrov Likeah Boss

    okay no really this is some shit. I actually thought, hey why not let it buffer….it does not buffer…I’m on some insane high speed ethernet here…this is some nonsense. Thank you for always updating for us, honestly thanks. I have to agree with everyone else, this viewer is crap.

  • ahmed alomar

    the old player was better! put it back! why tf did you even change it!?

  • Shane Dutt

    The damn lag is so annoying and I have the best possible internet connection and yet it takes like 10 minutes to load a few seconds of the video please bring the old one back

  • omegasoul

    Use the button at the bottom right of the video to switch it to flash video works just fine for me now. Hope that helped everyone else

  • ahmed alomar

    there, the video player is fixed now!

  • wlowery

    Thanks for switching back to the old player!

  • Kinf

    This new video player

    i don’t know what is it, i just watched the episode .-.

  • MemoryFell

    it isnt working… why?

  • JaySamaKun

    Jasper went very obsess with fusion and now looking for other gems to be fused with. thats OP!

  • Sonam Scoggins

    I suggest downloading the episode if the video lags online 🙂 it doesn’t take very long and you get to see it in a quality! But yeah this new video player sucks ass, I hope the site manager actually reads the comments!

  • Big Buff Cheeto Puff

    1) The heaven beetle and the earth beatle in the beginning of the show
    2) Jasper’s last words “Hey rose, Look what I’ve got”
    3) The Wailing stone behind the warp pad

    I ALSO HAVE A THEORY ABOUT BISMUTH, but I’ll post that under the new episode uwu

  • Alice Winters

    Ding Dong, the piece of crap is dead.

  • New player? Seems fine to me. Then again, I’m watching this much later, so the traffic should be low.

    …Eyyyyyyy macarena.

  • Miguela Shine

    Opal and onyx? Just guesses at the names possibly of those poor gems

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