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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 98

  Title:  Bismuth

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  • Goontair

    School starts tomorrow… o_o, i wanted to sit lazily and count down the episodes

    • CheekinSammich

      I’ve been watching these from school O_O

    • MathewMayer

      School doesn’t start for me

      • Goontair

        T^T, it did today and im at home now, its about to start

    • carnivoruspnl

      my vacation just started

      • Southern hemisphere?

        • Lucarii

          Definitely not the holidays in Australia at least

          We’re halfway through school right now

    • Ukuzen Kaeda

      Ive had summer school, so yeah.

  • Zeneda Flores

    Wow, that fan theory about Bismuth was actually right! I’m surprised, and I can’t wait to see what this episode is like. Also, I know that all the other gems go by female pronouns, but… Does Bismuth sound like a male name to anyone but me? For some reason it just strikes me as a male name. When I hear Bismuth, I imagine an older male gem with a prosthetic leg, or a male blacksmith/inventor. Just all around male vibes come off that name to me.

    • Veronica Liv

      Really haven’t you seen any of the leaks? we knew this would happen months ago… And if you would have seen the leaks you would know that bismuth also uses female pronounce…

      • Zeneda Flores

        I don’t want to spoil things for myself. Why would I watch leaks months in advance when I still have to wait all that time to see the actual episode? That would be torture. I much prefer knowing nothing until the episode comes out so I can be surprised when it airs.

        • Goontair

          you have the best self-control ive ever seen. but yea, i want to see how bismuth is in the show with our current cast, i think that shes been on earth for a long~ time ( not in the bubble actually on earth ) since she seems to have a very humanly-muscular body. ( jasper looks more rotust and smooth, as if she didnt have bones, unlike how bismuth looks ( they both dont have any i know gem anatomy from the shorts that were aired )

    • Scrappy-Doo

      what was the theory exactly?

      • Zeneda Flores

        Going back and watching the video again, it was more speculation on who or what Bismuth was. I just saw the title of this episode and thought “Woah, Bismuth is actually a thing like that one person thought!” Someone did a speculation video on the topic of Bismuth way back in September of last year.

    • Sora Jack

      There are no Male gems, as there are no Female gems because they don’t follow human concepts most of the time and our rules don’t apply to them in general. They don’t reproduce the way humans do nor do they have genitals at all. (Though that remains to be seen) But it’s been confirmed that there is only one gem in existence that is male and that is Steven because he’s half human. Gems just happen to look like the way they do and they use female pronouns because it’s convenient. So no, Bismuth is “female” and will be using female pronouns. If you think that she’s still too masculine to be a girl, try to watch the promo featuring Bismuth. You can hear how she talks and see that she’s even voiced by a woman, Though I guess the actress is irrelevant and it just depends on the voice but I digress.

      • Zeneda Flores

        Dude, I know all that already. I was just saying that the name Bismuth feels more masculine than feminine to me. I never said the gem was too masculine.

        • Sora Jack

          Meh, Names are influenced by how they sound and how you associate them. It’s a “hard” voiced sound, so typically, it sounds male to most people. But it’s irrelevant in the end since it doesn’t really have any real bearing to the person itself. If anything, Jasper is the most male sounding one in the series since it has popularity and history. In general, Bismuth doesn’t really sound like a name to be honest.

          • Magz

            jasper’s a boys name, they all seem to go by she
            push the no gender thing as much as you want but for such a great show it’s awfully unbalanced

          • Zeneda Flores

            Not gonna lie, when I first saw Jasper I totally thought she was a male. Both her voice and her body seemed pretty male to me.

          • Sora Jack

            Oh! You’re totally right random person! I shall stop pushing and start drowning in bleach. Thank you so much for speaking the truth. Your thirst for gems with dicks must be immense if the lack of male gems represented in the show bothers you. I 100% agree, we really need more penises in the show. I’ll just pretend that Jasper has a penis and everyone named Jasper must be male.

          • Magz

            So much sodium chloride ??? if they were truely genderless then their pronouns would be interchanged but they’re not, with a mentality and temperament like yours no wonder that girl almost killed herself because of the fan base

            Cheers for twisting my words and feel free to drink the bleach you said you’d drink ? enjoy being a cancerous SJW ?

          • Sora Jack

            I’m not pushing anything in the first place since it’s already set in stone. When I said that names have nothing to do with the person itself, I meant it absolutely because if I had a daughter right now to name and Called her Jasper, her name would not have any bearing on her gender because she’d still be biologically female unlike gems that don’t have these concepts at all. If they were genderless, the creator would say they were and right… she does and has. Isn’t that the end of the story?

            As for the artist, poor soul. I certainly wouldn’t use her misfortune to discredit some random person I disagree with on the comment’s section. And you ridicule me for having a cancerous mentality?

          • Sora Jack


            That’s totally what I said right?

          • Magz

            Ooohh double reply, seems i struck a nerve
            go read your initial reply to my comment, that’s not how you talk to people because their opinion is different

            People name their kids after fruit and compass points and while they’re entitled to do so everyone else is entitled to thinking its stupid to do so, doesn’t give you the right to be a condescending edgelord about it

            You need to learn the difference between constructive criticism and hate because I think the show is great, the story is well paced and rich but they are all genderless hers while I disagree with how unbalanced the pronouns are I know it’s sugars choice and still support the show

            My point which seemed to go right over your head was that if you look in a name book (don’t know if they make them anymore) jasper is a boys name and I think it’s strange and out of place for it to be specifically a her when the pronoun has no effect on the story whatsoever and look at bismuth’s broad shoulders, it’s now the most masculine gem in the show and it’s not the same type of gem being artificially made in the real world it screams he but it has to be a her because reasons that have no weight on the story. Tldr; you and loads of other su fans crack tantys over something so irrelevant and gives of a huge feminazi/SJW vibe which is the exact reason the fandom is considered cancer and that restricts the shows growth

            Lastly you’re quick to be sympathetic about the poor artist yet have no issue treating me and others the same way she got treated, I’m all for a healthy debate but the instant you become rude or demeaning I’ll act in turn and I’m sure I’m not the only one so think before you type kiddo

          • Sora Jack

            How is advising equal representation somehow constructive criticism when you just said that pronouns have no effect on the story at all? I should ask you the same thing, I already said that Jasper is inherently a male name yet you assert that I have some sort of agenda and try to lump me with relevant extremists when all I was saying was the canon information available and explaining how names work. You didn’t catch any of that so I made a joke. Passive-aggressive stuff that I find humorous. It was directed at myself and you wanting dicks in a cartoon show about alien rocks. That’s apparently bad enough to use a poor girl’s misfortune in a petty argument.
            HOLY SHIT YOU CAN OPEN A BOOK. jk.

  • Justin IsMyName

    The episode was leaked online, i won’t give the like but in sure you can find it.

    • Schmid Mix

      really? why wont you give us the link xD

    • Scarezz

      yah link us man!

  • PerpetualSenpai~

    I’m dead on the inside now 🙁 only questions do i have lingering.

  • WabBab
  • john

    what a great double episode even though the strory didnt progress we got some really cool backstory and the gems got weapon upgrades

  • WabBab

    wow that episode was crazy. I wonder what other things were kept secret. I’m glad it happened in the end though. I wasnt a fan.

  • tskMocha

    how come im only getting a trailer instead of the actual episode?

  • Kitano Izumi

    Soooooo… can we say that it’s been confirmed that rose isn’t pink diamond?

    • Schmid Mix


    • Frederik Nachtigall

      Do you only watched the 10 last episodes? Its been confirmed for a while now. In one or two episodes they showed other Quartzes

  • Sonam Scoggins

    That was intense ;-; I think two episodes a day would be too much for my fragile heart

  • Chris

    I thought rose and them did shatter gems, because in the episode where garnet was explaining how ruby and sapphire met, sapphire said whatever the amount was of gems were going to be shattered along with herself.

    • Sora Jack

      Sapphire: “I foresee the rebels attacking the cloud arena. Before they are cornered, they will destroy the physical forms of seven gems. Including two of my Ruby guards and myself. Immediately after my form is destroyed, the rebels will be captured. The rebellion ends here.”
      Blue Diamond: “Thank you Sapphire, that’s all I needed to know.”
      Sapphire: “I look forward to speaking with you again once I reform back on Homeworld.”

  • SenseiSan

    that fucked me up

    • Quillkill

      Same. After watching I just sat back and said “…well damn”

  • alex clovis

    this is

  • DV

    Steven never asked the right question.
    The right question isn’t, “Who are you?”
    The right question is, “Why were you locked away?”
    Crazy good episode that reinforces the existential themes of the show though.

    • DV

      “Not whence you came shall henceforth constitute your honor, but whither you are going! Your will and your foot which has a will to go over and beyond yourselves — that shall constitute your new honor.”
      –Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  • MemoryFell

    The ending made me cry out “steven!”
    the crystal gems are rubbing off on me.

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