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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 105

  Title:  Kindergarten Kid

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  • Dragon ball God


    • Raphaël Farard

      here he is people, the first person to comment on this video (that isn’t even up yet) and point it out.
      People like this don’t have anything better to do and just comment first all day.
      Be glad that you aren’t one of these poor miserable creatures.

      • MathewMayer

        Most people do it for the ones that respond.

        • Dragon ball God


  • Pineapple

    I need the next episode in my life

  • CamperCarl00

    There’s only 5 more episodes ’til hiatus again, and judging from the titles and such, it doesn’t seem like any more major plot points will be uncovered, but there seems to be a lot of character development coming up.

    • Shaun Wheeler

      There’s actually no official news on that. Not saying it isn’t likely, just saying it isn’t set in stone. The only thing we have to go off of is that those are the only officially released episode titles.

      • PunInTheBun

        “it isn’t set in stone” hehe
        nice pun

    • Rosewell8 .

      If you look at the episode list on the Wiki, they start on the 18th and start happening weekly. I’m not sure how accurate that is or will be, but it’s there.

      • CamperCarl00

        Yeah, but there are no more episodes currently announced past September 1st, which is essentially the end of summer. More than likely we won’t see any more episodes for 6 months again unless they release a Steven Bomb.

  • Eclipse Coldfire

    Some deep shit last episode

  • FTloverpug

    For some reason it started saying that ‘The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.’ anyone have any idea as to why this happened? It’s been working fine until yesterday…

    • Jeffrey Tate

      A crackdown maybe?

      • Rosewell8 .

        A crackdown on what? It’s not like they don’t show it for free on television. My little brother set it up to auto record the new episodes over the summer. He has the entire summer of steven on the DVR right now.

        • Jeffrey Tate

          I meant this sight was facing a crackdown. I see that is not the case now.

        • QuoteMaster

          Television technically costs money, so there’s that.

          • Rosewell8 .

            Well so does internet, And I get those from the same company :/

  • Jeffrey Tate

    Is it only me with the error that says: “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”?

    what is gong on? I am just asking till I get an answer

    • Phoenix Wright

      It’s not working on phones

      • Jeffrey Tate

        I am on a pc. sort of working now though. I think a third party is doing something, since there is a second window now that spams an add.

  • Schmid Mix

    WAI WAI WAI Its all ready out xD

  • PunInTheBun

    Bob doesn’t care at all
    Love it

    • Zezerak

      Only temporarily

      • Alexandru Olaru

        and not completely

  • JaySamaKun

    Road Runner VS Willy E Coyote Episode ?

    • Lost Banana

      I was thinking the same XD

      • Nathan Arce

        It was pretty clearly intentional

    • DaGamer 0_0


    • Carrie C.


  • Quillkill

    aw ohmygosh! Peridot sent it home and she considers her home the barn with Lapis that’s so FRICKIN CUTE

    • Sean Boyle

      I was surprised it didn’t end up on Homeworld in Yellow Diamond’s office, she unbubbles it and goes wild in Homeworld and Yellow Diamond does her p*ssed off face again xD

      • Carrie C.

        hahahaha yas

  • Zeneda Flores

    This episode very much reminded me of the old roadrunner and coyote cartoons. The gem monster was pretty cute, too.

  • Luke Hardy

    “genderless gems” and yet they now have the pronoun she. Also, how convenient that Garnets future vision has been brought up many times during this episode after being absent for the last four. She didn’t see Steven getting ejected into space, but she can see Peridot fucking about with corruption. As much as I like this show, other times it’s just a really bad show full of plotholes and sjw devices.

    • Rickey Anderson

      the odds of steven getting dragged out into space were probably very little, compared to the odds of peridot doing something stupid was very high…what she sees isn’t the future set in stone

    • Don’tTrustThisJerk

      They aren’t gender-less, they are sexless. Your sex is what you were born as and gender what you define as, two different things. Garnet’s future vision isn’t as godly and “predicting of every single damn thing” Garnet has her ups and down, she is not perfect. Sapphire has multiple rows of outcomes in the future, this has been said many time before. She chooses the one that is most predicable (in her opinion, she might discuss with Ruby as well giving her more options), and not always is she right.

    • Aethura

      Just so you know, according to the wiki, Garnet’s future vision isn’t as grand as it’s made out to be. For one, she can see several different short term futures, which prevents her from seeing too far into the future, but shows her many different ‘possible’ out comes. Second, she’s only able to search for something that she is looking for specifically. So if she doesn’t know what to look for, her future vision wouldn’t even work. Third, she has to take the time to actually use her future vision, meaning that it isn’t constantly being used, but rather, is only used when she sits on the side and focuses on it. Fourth, while her visions show many different possible outcomes, they can all still be wrong, especially when an action changes the near future while she is in the middle of using her powers.

      They way I see it, rather than being able to see the future, it’s more like she can make very good predictions for what is going to happen based on what she knows. In a similar way to someone guessing what’s going to happen in a show, before even watching it, only more sophisticated.

      That being said, I can entirely see how this can be a bit of a cop out, since she’s only able to predict the future correctly at the whim of the director. And, usually only if the ‘plot’ wouldn’t suffer for it.

      As for your genderless gems comment, I believe Steven was the only one referring to the corrupted gem as a she. Steven is the one raised to an extent with human values and sensibilities. It doesn’t help that in the english language, referring to something using pronouns without referring to their gender tends to dehumanize the subject. Calling something an ‘it’ instead of a ‘her’ or ‘him’ can feel insulting to most people, which I believe is the last thing that Steven wants to do. And constantly using their name or title can make a sentence feel stilted. The rest of the crystal gems, however, don’t seem to care all that much, seeing as they refer to the corrupted gem as an ‘it’ the entire time. If anything, they might choose to use a gendered pronoun when referencing other gems more for Steven’s benefit than any actual need to do so. As it can make it clear as to the who the subject of the conversation is.

  • Mystical Heart

    This temporary streamer is shit, lags and won’t load anything.

  • Zaziuma

    I kind of wanted the corrupted gem to go “meep meep” at some points.

  • Scott Taylor

    last day or so I am getting malewarebytes blocking something on here. you should probably get your shit checked.

  • superstar48

    Is no one going to talk about the endless bag of marshmallows Steven has?

  • Alan Lare

    it’s not letting me view it, it says exactly “Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Please try again later.”

  • E.T.993

    Worst episode yet…although it’s still okay.

  • Fearless Wolf (Gaming)

    Is this some kind of…. Looney tunes thing? i remember watching things similar to this as a kid XD The memories!!

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