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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 106

  Title:  Know Your Fusion

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  • Dragon ball God

    first again XD

    • MathewMayer

      I was the first to claim first

  • Dragon ball God

    that new preview is genius

    • Aksel

      nothing but the actual episode can match up

  • mariska225

    hype is killing me…

  • Blizz Jaster

    Some one, plz leak, hellllp usss…

  • CobaltGamr

    Wait, is there no episode tonight? The episodes are usually up by this time (1:30 in the .morning btw)

    • Blizz Jaster

      Thursday’s episode was leaked super early. Right now, you’re looking at Friday’s episode.

      • Blizz Jaster

        You might actually want to not watch it. Save it up for a rainy day in November.

        • CobaltGamr

          So u are basically saying that there will be no episode tonight and that I will have to wait until 2am tomorrow morning to watch this episode. Also people are uploading part 1 to youtube. Doesn’t that mean the episode is out?

          • Knooopers

            “part 1” is a leak we had even a week ago

          • Blizz Jaster

            They’re called “leaks”, but aren’t they just super long, uncut promos? Eventually SU promos will be 10 minutes long, and you have to tune in to the full episode for the last 30 seconds.

  • Fathaldin Aljmal

    I could not watch it:'(

  • Metababy

    Hate the new player

    • Jeffrey Tate

      We need to find them in real life and make them out to be horrible people to the world so that they have a horrible life.

      That is Karmatic for a spam-inducing player I think.

    • icywind

      don’t hate the player, hate the game

      • Knooopers

        “don’t hate the player, hate yourself” ~Dunkmaster Darius

        • Darius


  • Cemalettin Umut Kaptan

    Dat preview…
    Brings a single tear into my eyes

  • Fearless Wolf (Gaming)


    • Kawaii

      yep babe

  • CasualKitten

    can someone link the trailer/preview?

  • Poloco Dk

    I need to download this, my friend says Steven Universe is “Childish” Please tell me how i need to show him.

    • Daveth Joshua Lee

      there’s nothing wrong with childish, though i would slightly disagree in saying the show maybe be child like, but has so many deep meanings and a lot of subtext, requiring a lot of thinking. i linked the original video above, you can download it from youtube

    • Blizz Jaster

      Kick him in the dick. Anybody who thinks SU is bad deserves only pain. Show him how SU has made you strong – by killing him.

      • Breadles

        No! He can’t do that, he has to show him he’s strong- in a different way~

      • Poloco Dk

        I think that’s fair

    • E.T.993

      Yes. A cartoon about rape and abusive relationships is childish.

      • Breadles


        • E.T.993

          It’s a joke mocking the guy who said Steven Universe is childish.

  • Rosewell8 .

    Am I the only one that misses those little songs at the end of the episode?

    • Yermeya Bagunu

      I do, too, but considering how many times I listen to the full version every day, I can live without hearing a ten second clip of it again.

      • Carrie C.

        they add new bits. somethimes those aren’t added to full versions for months.

      • Rosewell8 .

        I was never smart enough to find the full version.

  • Rururufufu Rererefefe

    Aw this episode was sweet

  • Boosterseat

    Lol that dig at Nikki Minaj being Sugilite’s voice actor.

  • Carrie C.

    sardonyx is… kind of a jerk

    • JaySamaKun

      She’s just fangirling about the new fusion and wants to see what’s more and later realized she’s overdoing it too much 😀

  • Rosewell8 .

    Yo, I love this site a lot, but wtf. 44 trackers on this one page? Why?

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