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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 107

  Title:  Buddy's Book

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  • Dragon ball God

    well 6days till next episode

  • tskMocha

    six days SIX DAYS

  • Geoshark

    i think i might drop dead

  • SilverTheHero

    What am I going to do for SIX HOLE DAYS?!

    • Dragons’s Child


    • Fathaldin Aljmal

      You can go play Pokémon lol

  • babe_ocalypse

    This promo video always makes me cry so hard I feel like I’m gonna barf

    • Andrea

      lol gross

    • kuroko Shirai

      omg i know isn’t it good!

  • malimark

    Fuck. I don’t want to wait T.T I cri

  • CamperCarl00

    When this episode finally airs:

    • kuroko Shirai

      who is buddy? I don’t remember a character named buddy

      • Chris Connolly

        Remember when they did the play about William Dewey, and Jamie played Buddy the guy who washes up at the end.

        • kuroko Shirai

          you mean the guy who was knocked over-bored at the beginning of the play and washed up safe after Dewey came ashore?

  • LIFEzx

    i’m literaly gonna be here counting the seconds

  • Josh Xyyx

    one question.. if Steven can fuse with the crystal gems does that mean if he fuses with pearl will they create the same fusion as the one pearl and rose did??? also will it be the same fusion like same memories?? that would be nice Steven could get one of roses memories about pink diamond

    • Darkmage16

      they will make Rainbow Quartz but shorter and more boyish, if Rose and Amethyst fused they would make Smoky Quartz but more feminine, but I really doubt that Steven would have Rose’s memories just from a fusion, Garnet didn’t knew about Pearl using her when they fused

      • Shaun Wheeler

        But they aren’t Rose’s memories, they’re Rainbow Quartz’s.

        • Darkmage16

          the memories are from both gems, Rose’s and Pearl’s

          • Shaun Wheeler

            They aren’t though, fusions have their own memories. They’re entirely new gems, they aren’t just the sum of both.

          • Kiwi

            Ehh….They are both. Own gems and both of the fusing gems. After all the fusions don’t lose their memories after unfusing either.

          • Shaun Wheeler

            Because as soon as they start existing again they have their memories. Neither of the gems that make them up experience the fusions memories, they just have their own memories of being the fusion. It’s like the gems that make up the fusion become observers of the entity, and the entity itself becomes the fusion. If the two gems aren’t in sync then their individuality shows through, which only occurs in an unstable fusion.

            The point is that if Steven and Pearl fused it’s not unlikely to think that Rainbow Quartz would still have the same memories. However, by the same token, she would not have Rose’s memories, because Rainbow Quartz isn’t Rose.

          • Carrie C.

            it would be a different rainbow quartz, because even though steven has rose’s gem he is a different rose quartz. just as one ruby fusing with, say, a diamond (lol) would not have the same memories as a different ruby fusing with the same diamond. though he has the exact same gem he is not the exact same gem.

          • Shaun Wheeler

            Yeah, that would all be good and well, except that there’s never been anything like Steven, and since he technically has Rose’s gem, even though he isn’t her this still leaves the entire concept open to speculation.

          • Carrie C.

            that’s why jasper didn’t see what lapis was going to do when they were malachite.

    • Mahmut Sözen

      but steven fuse rose and greeg 😀

      • Carrie C.


    • Fathaldin Aljmal

      No it all depends on the size and the look so if thy did the fusion they will be fat and black hair

      • Carrie C.

        …neither stevonnie nor smoky quartz is both fat and black-haired.

    • Carrie C.

      it would be the same gem but look different and probably have a different personality.

  • MemoryFell

    4 days ????

  • Nora魂Vanguard

    the video that’s up right now is it on youtube (the Steven universe amv it’s awesome

  • Hay doods

    naw, her gems on stomach, not chest like tht.

    • Hay doods

      most of what that channel upload is mainly leaks :/ most of it isnt true. so i woldnt beleive it.

  • malimark

    Hands up if you check this multiple times daily even though it still has 3 days left.

    • kuroko Shirai

      good thing i did check it so much or else I would have missed the early release

  • Mathew Ike

    there is no Update about the release of season 4 episode 3.

  • Miguela Shine

    Those videos really pluck my heart strings haha

  • ‫יהונתן דולב‬‎

    can someone give me a link to the preview vidoe song

  • The Good Doc

    this made me cry so hard

  • TNTmasterkitty

    This reminds me of a movie trailer, and a movie I would watch a million times over

  • PrInCeOfRaGe

    3 days

  • PrInCeOfRaGe

  • Darius Blake

    Nice job on finding it!

    • Hilgin Young

      i wasnt looking for it but it showed up lol

  • Mollie 3883

    well in!

  • PrInCeOfRaGe


  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    not sure if good or bad whole episode was leaked

  • Dito Destoni

    Amethyst had most likely short hair. What do you guys think the palanquin was? Something lke giant walking litter for pink diamond?

    • Rem Twilight

      Blue diamond had 1, so either it IS blue diamonds, or that’s where pinks final moment was.

  • Cemalettin Umut Kaptan

    I waited 5 days for this!!
    Only interesting part is rose

    • Rem Twilight

      So much was shown in this episode, I mean the Palanquin alone was worth watching an episode for!

  • Rachel S.

    those lions tho OO: none of them were pink hmmm

  • DaGamer 0_0

    well thats the worst one yet i dont like books

  • PrInCeOfRaGe


  • Andrea

    HOLD THE PHONE. Pearl was wrong, why was Rose hangin out with that pride!

  • Bryan Gutierrez

    Rose looked straight at the camera and buddy was like what is she looking at? xD

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