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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 108

  Title:  Mindful Education

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  • kuroko Shirai

    I would love to see steven fuse with Alexandrite!

    • Dito Destoni

      Now imagine he fuses with all humans (in beach city) or the cluster!

      • Abdullah Hadef

        If he fuses with the cluster, that may explode earth.

        • Rem Twilight

          Obviously you would need to manage it or remove it first. Or just fuse the entire planet and everything in and on it together. Planet can’t explode if its fused.

        • Dito Destoni

          Thanks to Smokey we now know that he doesn’t have to take the form of the combined size of a original quartz soldier. Also someone from home world may swish/teleport the cluster bubble off-world.

      • Yoyo388

        The only reason the cluster didn’t blow the earth to smithereenes was because it got bubbled. If he were to try to fuse with it the cluster he,d have to pop the bubble and activate it, meaning it would take shape at several thousands times bigger than the earth.

  • Othli

    Nine Days….. *dies internally*

  • FoxGaming

    i cried

  • Generic Fan

    I cry everytime because of that preview

  • Pquat

    The trailer is pretty cool! Soundtrack choice really works well ^^ Though the cuts feel a bit too abrupt.

  • Victoria Devereaux

    Anyone else reminded of Life is Strange by the soundtrack?

    • wilfred van vugt

      so true

    • idek

      i cri ery tiem #ripchloe

  • Jonas Dereck Linus Esteves

    25th? lol that would take years T_T

    • Whitney Cavanaugh

      The 25th is Thursday…

      • Suros

        Like he said. Years…

        • Samuel A.


          • Jonas Dereck Linus Esteves

            still waiting though :'(

          • Carrie C.

            SO MANY YEARS

  • Kinf

    give me episodes everyday ffs

  • QueenChibiBoo

    …This is from youtube. I hope they had permission

  • Dr.Chimp

    where can i find this fan video on youtube ?

  • Nozdormu

    RIP DMCA claims

  • Kinf

    Entry #7
    I am running out of doritos, water , mountain dew and all other resources. I think I won’t make It. The amount of time i need to survive, and the amount of resources i prepared are way different.

    Yet. There is no episode.

    • the anime maniac

      i have some spare yet i dont know what to do as it is only 1 Dorito and drops of water there is still hope if we all ration

      • Kinf

        i can see the light, it’s so close! ( 20:33 here, fuck AM PM )

        • mollieismouse

          wait is it airing tonight

          • Kinf

            i have no idea, but hope lives on

          • mollieismouse

            hold up do you watch danganronpa

          • Kinf

            i know where you are going with this, but… nope i think i watched 1st season and then said “pffff *plays dnb song* im droping this”

          • the anime maniac

            no but im going to

      • Geoshark

        just make dorito water

      • Geoshark


    • mollieismouse

      lmao this comment really cheered me up

    • kuroko Shirai

      RIP: Kinf
      may he rest in peace…

      • Frederik Nachtigall

        Hes not dead. A Gem just loses his physically form and returns after a couple of days!

        • kuroko Shirai

          oh thank goodness! just in time for the new episode to!

        • Kinf

          made my fucking day, also hey episodes out *returns in a bad body shape*

    • Ice Man IV

      I am now a zombie. Prepare thy brains.

    • tears and sweat and itch

      I can share food ?
      Also ill try to bring u back assuming your body is not rotting ull doo finnee

    • Blizz Jaster

      You get what you pay for.

    • Karma_the_Draconequus

      all i have is doritos flavored mountain dew but you can have it

  • Geoshark

    is it just me or does the soundtrack that plays sounds like it would work for an advert for a film

  • Jeremy Parker

    I keep checking everyday, hoping that by some miracle the new episode got released a few days early. Thursday going to be awesome~ Two of my shows coming back

  • Antonette Tampos Abregana

    and most of this is season 1. i wish every season was like this.

  • Mahmut Sözen
  • john

    what time in PST does steven air ??

    • Geoshark

      we’ll have to find out

      • Taiyo

        Thu August 25th – 7:00 PM (EST) – 404 – Mindful Education

        Thu September 1st – 7:00 PM (EST) – 405 – Future Boy Zoltron

  • mollieismouse


  • Amanda Gass

    Did anyone else notice the dilapidated palanquin in the last episode? Who do you think that belonged to? I have a theory. 😉

  • Shannononon

    Well, after like 3 days of watching this, I have reached the end. Now I wait.

  • Chris Connolly


  • Plunder Bunns

    Boi, it’s 1 in the morning and I pretend the show gonna be on, i need this rn

  • Fathaldin Aljmal

    It’s Already august 25th you it’s not working

    • Boku No Fuckyourself

      Diffrent Time Zones

      • Boku No Fuckyourself

        In Europe the episode is gonna show up the 26th August at 3:00 in the morning

        • Fathaldin Aljmal

          I’m in USA Bonus no fuckyourself

        • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The pain is endless !

  • Bavid Gonzalo Vila Cruz

    can’t wait

  • Lightin

    its 25/8/2016 but theres still no epsoide

    • Geoshark

      dont worry theres always next year :3

  • Fathaldin Aljmal

    Dose anyone else think that the crystal gems are gays

    • Bad Company

      No Gender Fam….. so yes?

      • Fathaldin Aljmal

        Fusion is just like having 6

        • Geoshark


          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            Will if you looked how they react to Fusion it’s about love. Just look at Pearl she is jealous about that Rose love Greg in pearl song ( is it over) you can tell who she fell about rose ( in love) . Or even Jasper and Lapis they missed each other. Or even Garnett. Or pearl doing everything to try to do the “fusion” with Garnett. For me it really feel that fusion for gems is 6.

          • Geoshark

            yeah i know about that but i dont get the 6

          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            I mean fusion for gems is just like sex for humans

          • Geoshark

            okai :3

          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            Not 100% but when you see gems reaction to Fusion it seems a little bit like 6

          • Shannononon

            He means sex.

    • Otirik

      Rebecca sugar stated that gems are genderless. They have neither man nor lady parts. They are in a sense “Rocks with emotions.”

      You can’t be gay without a gender.

      • Fathaldin Aljmal

        Oh yeah will how can Greg fuke Rose and birth Steven. Or even the mail guy he wanted to date garnet. How about Lars in the 1st episodes he said to steven “the hot girls “.for me it just think that they are female with small bobs.

        • Otirik

          Ugh you type like a squeaker. Anyways, let’s get this over with.

          1. We don’t know how steven was made. Gems don’t have female organs. One key clue is the fact that Rose ceased to exist simply because of Stevens life. Also he has Roses gem, which could mean a number of things such as the idea that Steven is in fact Rose with Greg mingling in there somewhere.

          2. Gems can take on any form they want. Plain and simple. Why do they want to take on female-esque forms? I don’t know. Also if you notice the gems clothing, it’s not really clothing. Its literally a part of their manifestation. Meaning that once again as I stated earlier, gems are literally just rocks.

          3. If Lars or Mr. Mailman thought the gems are hot, that basically means…nothing. Alien fetish? I don’t know. It means that a couple human guys thought that the semi-physical form of an alien seemed attractive.

          4. Gems aren’t human. Humans can be gay. Because humans have male or female organs. Gems are neither male nor female, because they aren’t human.

          5. And if all this crap I wrote out in the span of 2 minutes doesn’t make you smarter, I have one last piece of info. Let’s say that gems really are in fact homosexual. All of them.Then how the flipping [email protected] does Rose have any feelings for GREG (male) whatsoever?


          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            I don’t have time to give you feedback but I will answer 1& 4 just gave me 23 minutes and 18 seconds. I don’t know what does squeaker means what ever it is i think it’s because i started learning English 1 year ago. OK wit and I will give you a feedback for 1& 4

          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            OK you said gems don’t have organs how about amethyst she can eat she can take s*** and piss in the beach and she also can get sick OK please don’t tell me to gave you prove. OK for the gay thing ((( for home World Gems ))) fusing with other types of gems is disgusting and gems must be shattered if they did that but it’s okay if they were some type of gems. Soooo I describe them gays

          • Fathaldin Aljmal

            It was fun texting you by . Sorry if you get angry because of my thoughts but in the end it’s just a TV show who cares about all that . It was nice to meet you. And Holly shit you did that in 2 minutes .

        • Alexandru Olaru

          it’s been revealet that rose had to shapeshift to be able to create steven

    • Blizz Jaster

      Stop trollin’, these are sensitive cartoon fans, you’re going to make them sad.

      • Fathaldin Aljmal

        Sorry I didn’t mean to make you sad that just my opinion you don’t have to read it just say (fuke off)^o^

  • Roger Nascimento Rocha

    Just 18000 seconds left

  • Mahmut Sözen
  • Argenta

    This by far has to be the deepest/Darkest thing iv seen

  • Boku No Fuckyourself

    That fucking Holo pearl dance omg

  • I’m Fat and

    poor bastard, if only he has enough resources to live it through!

  • Aster Seirios


  • Aster Seirios

    OH MY GOD. I’m at 10:44 and can’t stop crying. I didn’t finish the episode just so I could write this comment. This WHOLE episode is a reflection of literally what I’ve been going through lately!! I’ve been thinking a lot and my feelings have been out of whack and I’ve been trying to keep composure, trying to be my best when I’m at school. I couldn’t find the answer as to how I can stop these thoughts and feelings, except what I best knew, which was to ignore them. EVERYONE keeps telling me to ignore them! I’ve kept hurting myself by feeling excessively guilty for my thoughts and feelings, in fact for the past few years. Today I was having a lot of anxiety…and as I watched this video, especially when Garnet and Stevonnie are meditating, I felt like I was there. I felt like my questions to how to fix these emotions and thoughts were being answered! Literally! And everything I’m saying is not figurative at all, I LITERALLY have been having horrible thoughts which I don’t want to tell anyone. Because of those thoughts, I feel really guilty like God might punish me, and I get scared, and the same goes for emotions I can’t control; I feel guilty as crap and I think I’m gonna be punished…I’ve been feeling this way for years! But this show, this EPISODE OPENED UP MY HEART FOR ME!!! This is why I can’t stop watching this beautiful show! Thank God. Bless you all whoever is watching this video. And whoever especially is going through this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Blizz Jaster

    Connie is the Lisa of SU. Maybe if they stay Stevonnie forever, there wont be anymore Connie episodes.

  • anyone else sitting here crying after Mindful Education? 🙁

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    damn the feels of this episode i want to give steven a hug and tell him its not his fault they all rejected his help 🙁

    so heres a funny comic to lighten the mood in here

  • Josh Xyyx

    ahh fusion something magical. it amazes me knowing ur in perfect sync, feelings mind and heart. this episode was great

  • Whitney Cavanaugh

    This episode had me in tears ? SPOILERS FOR OTHER TIMEZONES:

    What did you guys think about Rose’s face being made in thee butterflies? I think it definitely reveals something about steven

  • RainRunner

    Okay but, Garnet and Pearl are losing their minds right now

  • Zaziuma

    5:18 Yu-Gi-Oh! reference confirmed! I always knew that fusions were a reference to Polymerization.

    • I don’t think that’s what that was, not that I’d complain. The do stuff like that now and again, like the sailor moon manga Steven had in a drawer in his room a while back.

      • Zaziuma

        Obviously, I am just fucking around mate.

  • Amazing episode. But why Rose looked so… mad ? Is it how Steven sees his mother now that he knows she shattered Pink Diamond ?

    • dagdzf

      I thought that he thought she was disappointed in him. Rose found beauty in everything, so killing/fighting those 3 made Steven feel guilty.

  • This episode was… surreal.

  • john One of the best su songs in my opinion

  • Boosterseat

    Stevonnie has Yoshi’s jump mechanic.

  • I keep re-watching this and I keep getting chocked up… it really makes me think about all that Steven has gone threw

  • Hika Lute

    this comment system is everywhere i go.

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