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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 109

  Title:  Future Boy Zoltron

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  • Geoshark

    7 days… *dies*

  • Sigma

    • John Aron Zulueta Palermo

      Exactly ;-;

  • Kinf

    Well… should i go buy 7 Days To Die ( that zombie game ) then?… uh… um… im just gonna grab buy some doritos grab my quickscope and go play some shooters ( nope, im going to play either League or Duelist on steam lolololololo )

    • Andrew Hardy

      glad to see your supplies lasted in the end, lol

      • Kinf

        they didnt : ^)

    • Blizz Jaster

      Go outdoors!

      • Kinf

        what’s that?

  • mollieismouse


  • Shannononon

    A week… Well, I’d drink bleach right now, but then I wouldn’t be able to watch the next episode when it comes out.

  • the anime maniac

    7 days i wont be here ill be on holiday 🙁

  • Sonam Scoggins

    Such long airing periods ;-; but at least they fixed the video players haha

    • Rosewell8 .

      What do you mean such long Airing periods? One week is standard for new episodes of a show to come out. the Summer of steven thing was an event, the new episode every day was incredibly short.

  • Gamini Cyril

    patience… even i cannot wait, but patience like been waitied 4 to 6 months before july had showed those new episodes. so just be patience than show will come. don’t be annoying like gumball. be patience like what garnet said in episode 108.

  • Otirik

    7 days is better than 9 tbh…

  • Poloco Dk

    is episode 108, i spent more time waiting for it to load then for it to come out

  • TheShadowscale

    That 3 minute promo is pretty powerful. where can I find it so I can share it?

  • john

    waiting for the next ep like

  • Does anyone know what song they used for this promo?

    • Lol nevermind. I got it.

    • Savanah Sky Haworth

      its called step out by jose gonzalez

      • But thanks tho.

  • Shannononon

    Well, in the meantime, I’ve been looking at Peridot dab…

  • PrInCeOfRaGe


  • PrInCeOfRaGe

  • Raziel Lycas

    Ohhhhhh c’mon how long are 1 day and 5 hours!!!! U___U” can’t wait to see Steven again… maybe I’m a bit too old to follow cartoons… uhmmmm whatever ^___^””
    >_> it’s a shame that I will understand just 2/3 of the words… I have to wait at least 1 year to listen them translated in italian!

  • firefish72 the fire king

    This will be released on my birthday, great timing :3.

    • Carrie C.

      🙂 awesome
      happy birthday!

  • Steven Universe

    thats like a friggin movie trailer… I would pay serious money to watch a Steven Universe Movie

  • The Queen Of Gaming

    One day and 2 hours left!

  • PrInCeOfRaGe

    im just sitting here like the moon

    • Jeremiah Wheeler

      We are all moons

  • Jeremiah Wheeler

    oh no. I just starting thinking about how Steven must miss his mom, and then i started thinking about how much i miss my grandma and now i”m crying ;-;

    • Carrie C.

      no no don’t cry

  • CamperCarl00

    Does anyone else get this kind of vibe when they see the episode’s title?

    • Scud422

      That’s what I thought to. And we were mostly right!

  • The Queen Of Gaming

    9 hours left!

  • Mayolord O’hare

    the new end theme is unsettling. Is this the corruption song?

    • Carrie C.

      it can’t be… it’s from the future!

  • Ranhcase

    the new ending theme gives the felling that something bad is bound to happen soon

    • Jeremiah Wheeler

      same here! it’s just so…….. unsettling

  • Samuel A.

    isn’t steven’s dad still rich so why does steven have to keep working as Zoltron when his dad could pay Mr. Smiley back.

    • Gamini Cyril

      maybe steven feel that his dad will be got insane or heart attack after dad wasted all his money after he payed about hotel and ship. so i realize steven had knew so he did not say a words about dad with his money.

    • Samuel A

      Because then we wouldn’t have a story.

  • Zeneda Flores

    Actually thought Onion would be good this episode for a sec.

    • Carrie C.


  • ponpon2323

    welp that was certainly a.. strange episode …
    and god the animation was TERRIBLE the hell

  • Zaziuma

    Favorite joke: Onion getting a mask after Steven tells him he would go to jail if he wasn’t careful.

  • Carrie C.

    omg i ship them so hard
    also steven = best therapist ever and garnet = best mom ever

  • Luke Hardy

    this episode was… bad 😐

  • i want sinbad as mr. smiley. i cant stand his new voice. ; u;

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